Eddie Bravo Rolling With UFC Fighter Takeya Mizugaki

The master of the rubber guard and proprietor of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Eddie Bravo puts on a clinic with UFC bantamweight Takeya Mizugaki.


  1. Perfection1st says:

    Bravo's has some moves in the guard!!

  2. Pretty bad ass moves…

  3. I wish I knew how he did that triangle choke from the rubber guard.

  4. Too bad he smokes so much. He probably could have accomplished what BJ Penn did in the UFC.

  5. Bravo is incredible but the problem that I see with his style is that it is so hard to master. First of all you really have to be flexible to be even have a chance and then you really have to be a master it to really use it effectively.

    • Good point. some people are more flexible than others. I trained with Greg Jackson and he would say that some people break and some people bend. You've actually got to have the genetics to pull off the rubber guard like Eddie Bravo.

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