Ed Soares ” We’ve Never Picked Opponents” Anderson Silva Open To Fight GSP

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares on ESPN Radio “MMA Insiders” radio show with Steve Cofield and Kevin Iole

“There’s nothing from our side that’s preventing it. Pretty much to be honest with you, there’s never been anything from our side from preventing any fight. We have our opinions but at the end of the day, whomever the UFC has put in front of us, we’ve always fought. We’ve never picked opponents. We might have had, you know, when they ask us what our choices are, we may have different choices or different opinions, but we’ve always fought whomever they’ve put in front of us. So if the UFC wants us to fight Georges St. Pierre, fine, you know. Anderson says ‘hey, have him move up in weight, or we’ll do a catchweight, whatever.’ But it’s really up to the UFC, not up to us.”

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