Ed Soares Addresses Will Riberio Situation – Video

Manager Ed Soares addresses negative comments coming out of Will Riberio’s camp. Riberio is recovering from a life threatening motorcycle accident that ended his mixed martial arts career.


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  2. Jam has fruit in it?

  3. Jelly has preserves

  4. Jam has added sugar and under goes a longer process before being jarred.

  5. I don't think there is a difference

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  7. funny!

  8. LOL


  9. thats awful, but funny

  10. Dana White says:

    Good one. I'll use that tomorrow!

  11. Your kind of humor Timmie. Got a chuckle myself boyo

  12. yuk yuk yuk – u slay me Timmie

  13. Love it


  14. how many times did ed soares say unfortunate?

  15. ha, awesome, it's mine now

  16. time after time i wonder why the fuck anyone cares about anything ed soares has to say

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