“Dynamite” USA Breaks MMA Attendance Record

la coliseum

Today the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) released the financial report for last weeks “Dynamite” USA show held at the Los Angles historic Memorial Coliseum. The premotor Fight Entertainment Group (FEG) reported to the commission a total attendance of 42,757, which more then doubled the previous record in North America of 19,079 held by UFC 68 at Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide Arena. FEG sold tickets as low as $10 to net a total gate of $2,545,590. While many people questioned the actual attendance of the co-promoted “Dynamite” USA show, FEG came trough and held a decent event.

North American promotions tend hold smaller events, usually at a casino, while Pride FC shows in Japan usually fill large stadiums with 90k+ in attendance.


  1. It's too bad they had to skew the numbers so bad that it's hard for people to see what a failure this was.

  2. Thats true, I bet they gave away a ton of tickets. Although $10/seat is a steal, this event had awful fights.

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