Dynamite 2009: Gegard Mousasi vs Gary Goodridge, Misaki vs Manhoef


Today during the Dynamite 2009 press conference, Kazuo Misaki vs. Melvin Manhoef was announced. The promotion also hinted at a super secret fight for the New Years Eve event. DREAM veteran Jason High seems to know what the mysterious fight is,

Gary Goodridge vs Gegard Mousasi at Dynamite. U heard it here first. [Jason High]


  1. goodridge is still fighting? bad for him. he's fighting mousasi? even badder.

  2. he'll tear Gary up .. Gary has been around forever he's an old punching bag now like Tito ..and Mark Coleman …to just name a couple

  3. Gary should but up a fight, how bif is gary? i thought he was a heavy weight?

  4. Goodridge is about to turn 44 and he is winless in his last 15 fights (including K-1). Now he is fighting Mousassi?Seriously? What's next, Chuck Liddel versus Fedor?

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