DREAM 11 Featherweight Grand Prix Results and Videos

dream11 weigh-in

The DREAM.11 Featherweight Grand Prix tournament ended early this morning, crowning Bibiano Fernandes the Featherweight Grand Prix champion. Also, Shinya Aoki caught Joachim Hansen in a Armbar to win the DREAM Lightweight title.

dream.11 Featherweight GP Results

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Hiroyuki Takaya via Split Decision
Shinya Aoki defeats Joachim Hansen via Submission (Armbar) in R2
Kazushi Sakuraba defeats Rubin Williams via Submission (Kimura) in R1
Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Melchor Manibusan via TKO (Strikes) in R1
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeats Bob Sapp via TKO (Punches) in R1
Ikuhisa Minowa defeats Hong Man Choi via Submission (Heel Hook) in R2
Bibiano Fernandes defeats Joe Warren via Submission (Armbar) in R1
Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Hideo Tokoro via TKO (Punches) in R1
Kazuyuki Miyata defeats Daiki Hata via Unanimous Decision

If you missed the early morning show, check out the DREAM 11 Videos.


  1. good fights..Aok is a straight pussy..

    Thierry Ran throw everyone he has foughted and he will walkk thrw Minowa ..

    The 145 but on a damn good show today

  2. yeah aoki always makes a fuss about anything that might be illegal, but his armbar was sick. he set that up way in advance.

    i can't believe soku tried to push the ref off and hit sapp some more. sapp must have talked some trash before the fight.

  3. dane drebin says:

    kom34 u cant believe it? look at his last fight he hit the guy like 9 times aftwer the reff stopped it.

    the superhulk tourny is a joke plain and simple

  4. Sokoudjou did it AGAIN….kept hitting the dude after the ref tried to pull him off. That dude has no class, and the next time someone has him in an armbar, they should just snap that motherf*ker right in two.

  5. i dont think Sokoudjou keep going this time, but he did act like he was going to and i think he did push the refe after..

  6. thats what i meant by i couldn't believe it. soku apologized and said it would never happen again after the last time. he didn't hit sapp but the ref looked pretty pissed. at this point i think sapp is pretty much exactly like his character in the longest yard.

  7. dane drebin says:

    my bad kom34 i skimmed over ur post too fast i dunno why i wrote that. ya it is rediculous. how sick would it have been if he had to fight mousasi like he was suppose to. mousasi would knock his predator lookin dread head into the tenth row.

  8. I love Hong Man Choi, but only because he looks like he came from a John Carpenter movie.

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