Does Kimbo Slice Get A Second Chance? TUF 10 Preview Video

Tonights Episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Matt Mitrione must decide if he can fight. Kimbo prepares for the possibility of a second chance.


  1. Enough with Kimbo. That guy doesn’t deserve a second chance. He lost his fight and looked terrible. If any one should get a second chance it should be Wes Shivers. He is the only guy that lost a fight and didn’t get his ass kicked.

  2. rumours of him fighting at the finale. You may think he sucks but your still pay to watch him fight

  3. CobraClutch says:

    That's right, Chuch, Wes Shivers is the guy who was the closest to "winning" who actually didn't win. Kimbo will still fight in the finale, because if he comes back he's just going to lose again. No biggie. Then he'll fight Houston Alexander in a boxing match, which is well-suited for Kimbo. But…he'll still lose, because he's just a street fighter. A big and tough street fight who'll kick MY ass, but he's not a professional fighter.

  4. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Rory – he can fight at the finale and still have lost. Several losers fight at the finale.

  5. They have been teasing us with the Kimbo come back since his sorry ass got beat on the first round. Kimbo, nice guy, terrible fighter.

  6. I don't care who's fighting, I'm smart enough to get it all for free!! I don't pay for s**t!!!!!!!!

  7. Come on ! Kimbo might be a street fighter but at least, the guy wants and he still work hard to learn the ground techniques. And he has the will what many don't have !!!

    Plus, why we have a SUPPOSE fighter champion like Brock Lesnar in the UFC. If this joke is there, Kimbo can bring it too ! I remember Lesnar not so far ago been beaten like an amateur by an ankle lock. Strange he has learn and now he is the champ ! Why not Kimbo, he didn't insult anybody contrary to Lesnar. So I am for !!! Not the best MMA fighter for sure, but he wants and he is respectfull !

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