Diego Sanchez Recovering From Embezzlement, IRS Debt and Excess Partying

Diego Sanchez talks openly about the rough path his life and career has endured this last couple of years.

“I got sucked real deep into the fame and the money … I was a bachelor and I got sucked into a bad life of partying. I got really into smoking weed, drinking, partying. After my Clay Guida fight, I went down a bad path, man. It was just not a good path. After my loss to B.J. Penn it just got worse. I got really out of control … To make it worse, one of my best friends completely robbed me blind…Set me up and embezzled me for about $150,000.”

“In February of 2010, I had hit rock bottom, completely. I was broke. I was down and out, man … This guy had run me dry. The money had I set away to pay taxes, I was $230,000 in debt with the I.R.S.”

On top of that, Diego was sucked into raising a kid by a women he meet online. Wile petitioning for custody, the DNA test came back that the kid was not his.

Diego will get a chance to get his career back on track if he can defeat Jake Ellenberger this Wednesday night at UFC On FUEL.

Watch the interview below,


  1. Lesbi Honest says:

    He was into cocaine too. That's where the money went.

  2. I'm still crossing my fingers the UFC puts together Sanchez vs. Florian 2

  3. i don't care where his money went this fight is going to be crazy. diego sanches and ellenberger are both explosive swing for the fences fighters. can't wait for this one.

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