Diego Sanchez Has No Faith In BJ Penn’s Cardio

diego sanchez tuf 7 finale

UFC lightweight fighter Diego Sanchez comments about BJ Penn’s performance during a UFC 94 teleconference:

“After seeing BJ’s performance against St. Pierre, man, I’d say it’s a bad time for him to fight anybody right now …. Man, that guy has zero cardio and he goes into the biggest fight of his life with that type of cardio and endurance? I’ve never gotten tired in a UFC fight. I’ve never gotten caught tired in a fight. And to see this guy be that exhausted after one round? I know GSP is tough, but comon. He burned himself out in the first round just defending those takedowns.”

“I think its a bad time for him to fight Kenny Florian,” he continued. “As long as Kenny Florian lasts past the first, second round, I think he’s going to take over with conditioning. I don’t care how talented you are. If you don’t have gas in the tank – if the Ferrari doesn’t have the gas in the tank, it ain’t going to finish the quarter mile, and that’s the bottom line.”

Sanchez will take on Joe “Daddy” Stevenson at UFC 95 on February 21st.


  1. i can't wait to hear the response on this one. good PR for diego though, if he gets through stevenson it might pay off with a future fight with BJ.

  2. its a good way to move up quicker, get bj to want to fight you.

  3. he is right tho

  4. I agree either way its works for him…he looked horrible in the fight and he really needs to find out the deffinition of cardio…because he obviously is lacking it or maybe GSP's cardio over took BJ's and we are basing it upon that.

  5. Damn! Them be some fightin' words. Diego still sucks…

  6. ya know, if you listen to GSP's scientific explanation of how he took BJ apart, maybe it was simply that, science.

    Maybe BJ did have good cardio but GSP's picking him apart exhausted him faster like GSP planned.

    Either way, I think Sanchez is LESS of a douche after saying this.

  7. I could see his cardio was shit, and Im retarded.

  8. Im serious, your picture selections make this my favorite MMA blog.

    If this is a blog, when I was a kid blogs were called web pages.

  9. I think it was about time BJ got a kick in the ass again. Hopefully he bounces back like he did after the Hughes loss. I don't really want to see him fight GSP again so maybe a fight with Diego would be good. I'd pay to see that.

  10. i think B J would take Diego . not sure if his cardio is enough to over take Penn ..then all he'll have his his skill … hmmm?

  11. dane drebin says:

    i think this fight could go either way but i will hold off on that prediction until i see if diego runs through stevnson like i think he will.

  12. Good coments by Diego. I completly agree.

  13. yea Blowjob Penn was regretting drinking that double chocolate shake before that fight…..

  14. "I've been watching the MMA news all around and Kenny [Florian] came out and said that I made that stuff up. And you Kenny if you're going to call me a liar about that stuff then I'm going to call you on it. You're right. It was not an email that you sent me you texted someone in the camp you told them that GSP is a big roider and big greaser and to watch out for it. And the word got to me and we got all the witnesses here who know about it. Parillo definitely knows about it because he was pissed about the whole thing for a month before the fight because [St. Pierre] was going to grease. So Kenny… I'm just saying. I'm just calling a spade a spade."

  15. If GSP was a roider he would of been caught by now by the pre and post and random drug testing. i know there are inhibitors that are suppose to mask the subtancse they might be taking but trust me this is basic drug testing…they test for absolutly everything….and even if a simple positve comes back they will re check 3 times before giving a postive result back. The Athletic Commision is paying outside Labs to due extreme testing and i used to be a phlebotomist (blood drawer for all you none medical people) and i worked in lab and its some complicated shit sometimes to test and i would say the acuracy level is about 99% correct as if they get a postive result they retest 3 times depending upon how positive of a result came back.

  16. the comment #14 was bj talking about what he said kenny did.

  17. heres a comment to kenny from josh barnnet

    I don’t think Josh Barnett likes being criticized, here’s his response to Kenny Florian on mmalive!

    Kenny Florian is a punk-ass bitch. He thinks he can put on a suit, shave his stubble off, and get in front of a camera, and it makes him some sort of expert on MMA. I think it just makes him an expert on taking it up the ass, as far as I can tell…if he thinks his ability on the mat can match his mouth, and if he’d like to show me how to throw an armbar, then be my guest….I can fly out to “sit on a dong,” grab him, and see what he’s got to say now

  18. LOL

  19. you go Josh

  20. dane drebin says:

    lol josh just gets buck with lil kenny

  21. I'm a BJ Penn fan and what I saw in that fight, grease can't deny. BJ either wasn't ready or GSP is too damn good. Either way I'm not about to blame some outside roiding or greasing accusation on the outcome of the fight.

    Florian probably did talk some shit because he's a shit talker. I'd like to hear the comment he made about Barnett to get that reaction though.

  22. watch mma live, it wan't that bad he just said something about him not being able to submitt gilbert but i guess josh didn't like it.

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