Dana White Talks On GSP, Discounts Fedor Emelianenko


  1. Dexter4 says:

    That interviewer is dumber than shit. Bas needs to kill him.

  2. Hey Dana, you are an aerobics instructor by trade. Leave the MMA analysis to the pros.

  3. UFC has the best heavyweights in the world? wow thats new.

  4. Dana has no class whatsoever. He doesen't know how to truly give any respect to anyone.

    There are plenty of Heavyweights that can beat Brock. Keep an eye on Bobby Lashley, yet another WWE wrestler, but let's keep in mind that 2 weeks ago he made Bob Sapp tap due to strikes.

    Fedor FOR SURE would kick Brocks ass and if Dana knows a thing about these 2 men; he KNOWS it too!

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