Dana White Recaps UFC 143 – Nick Diaz’s Retirement, Carlos Condit and Shirtless Goldberg

Dana White has a lot to say after UFC 143 including Nick Diaz pending retirement, scheduling for Carlos Condit vs. GSP, Fabricio Werdum, Roy Nelson and a streaking shirtless Mike Goldberg backstage.

What do you think Josh Koscheck vs. Nick Diaz?


  1. expatexpat says:

    I am sure glad dana white is not a judge …how in the hell can you give condit round 5 when diaz took him down and had a choke hold …dana is part of the problem, who the hell picks these judges?

    • I am sick of telling you shit Dumb Dumb! Watch the fight again! in fact come round my house and i will talk you through it. Condit won fact!!

      • Diaz pushed the pace, Condit landed more strikes. Condit ran the whole fight, it could have went either way. Decision was closer then 49-46 for sure. Condit 3 rounds to 2.

        • A fighter should get more credit for being the aggressor during the fight. This baby kick and run shit isnt what mma is about. Dont get me wrong I definitelty think Diaz won the fight, but it was close.

  2. Aldo Raine says:

    I had it scored 4 rounds for Condit if not all 5 rounds. Diaz pushed the pace never really landed anything big. Condit would always come out on top when Diaz would cut him off. I mean Condit landed 50 some more strikes than Diaz. Condit obviously did more damage. I don't see how people think Diaz won this fight.

  3. My friend, who knows shit it about mma. scored it 4 rounds to 1 Condit. incase anyone gives a shit.

  4. I just saw the fight for a second time and Condit looks like a p**sy. I hope GSP stomps him and takes that fake belt.

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