Dana White On UFC Sale, Confirms Penn vs Maynard and Brock Lesnar

Dana White answers some questions about the UFC’s equity sale to a Abu Dhabi company, confirms BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar in Abu Dhabi and plans a press conference on Brock Lesnar.


  1. even dana thought nate won watch this video

  2. Very impressed with the interviewer. Well informed. Clear and concise. Good Job!!!

  3. dana didnt look too hopefull when brock got brought up, but bj and anderson on the same card? damn

  4. What the hell? I've been telling every MMA Fan I know that

    maynard is next in line for a title shot…

    then I see that you changed your story and I watch the interview and Dana actually said the opposite of that.

  5. Penn will make a mockery out of Edgar

    this will be one of BJ's easiest opponents ever

    since there is nothing left at LW he will go back to WW 1 more time and get smashed by any of the divisions top 5 right in to retirement he just cant hang with them

    remember the last time he tried he did something worse than lose he quit like a pussy

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