Dana White Guarantees Chuck Liddell Done With Fighting


  1. CobraClutch says:

    This is what the douchebags on this site who start shit wear…


  2. Cobra, that is awesome.

  3. Yeah, this is pretty stupid…About as stupid as people getting all upset and others trying to prove how much they know. I am going to stop but everyone needs to relax. There is no calling anyone names, there is no "clowning" anyone…none of that bullshit. If you are going to post on here, then post like an adult. If you are going to argue, argue like an adult, and stop all this English 101 shit while you are it. All of this stops, or the sherrif will be back. Go back to having fun boys! and just remeber, nothing is personal, but don't dog others while making your point neither.

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