Dana White Graces the Cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine

UFC President Dana White featured in this months Men’s Fitness magazine, titled “UFC Workout II”. The article talks bout Dana White’s diet and training routine, in which he lost 20 lbs. in 4 weeks prior to the Men’s Fitness photo shoot.

“I’m glad Mens Fitness came along. I need a reason to work out. I’ve been boxing my whole life, so I get bored with it sometimes. When I get bored of boxing, I’ll get more into lifting weights. We’re trying to get my bench to 315 now.”


  1. Congrats to the leader of the MMA world biggest Organazation on the cover of a highly regarded magazine.

  2. shogun5811 says:

    he looks tuff on the cover there, like he'd K-you-TFO

    i'm glad dana doesnt look like a chubby slouch anymore.

    as the leader of something like the ufc, u should atleast look like a badass

  3. whodini says:

    he still looks "butch" to me

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