Dana White Confirms Urijah Faber Will Fight For Interim Bantamweight Title at UFC 148

UFC President Dana White confirms on FUEL’s UFC Tonight that bantamweight contender Urijah Faber will indeed fight at UFC 148. The fight will be for the interim UFC title as champion Dominick Cruz was forced out of his title defense fight with Faber with a torn ACL.

Here is what Dana had to say on the show,

“So, what’s gonna happen is, Urijah Faber, he’s gonna fight still. He’s gonna fight on the same card. Now, I’m looking for the right opponent, the guy who deserves this shot at Urijah Faber.” When asked will the fight be for an interim title Dana responds, “The answer is yes.”

Dana went on to talk about how how Cruz injured his ACL at the Ultimate Fighter training center and that Cruz will remain on the TUF as coach.


  1. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Ok here we go lets see which guy the dictator feels will bring the most in the PPV instead of allowing the next guy in line to fight faber.

  2. OK, so you're not a fan of Dana White. We get it. But you do realize he is arguably the most important person as far as the growth of MMA. If it wasn't for Dana these guys would still be fighting for a $1,000 in some crappy mid-west arena. He's probably the reason this website even exists (no offense intended to the creators of cagetoday). You call him 'The Dictator', I call him 'The Man".

  3. Ron Pauly says:

    Cruz and Faber are the only fighters worth a mention in that division.

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