Dana White Confirms Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort For UFC Title

The mini drama is over, official word coming from the UFC man himself Dana White.

Vitor is not injured. He is going to fight anderson for the title and the winner of marquart and okami are next. [Twitter]


  1. I want a re-match!!! What about Chael and Silva??? FIXED!!!!

  2. Yes! finally we get to see this match. I predict Silva by tko.

  3. Have you been living in a cave? Chael pissed Hot and will probably be suspended for a year by the commission!

  4. wow – that's some prediction – you think the undisputed champion is going to win…

  5. kevin conroy says:

    @ stevo the reason theres no rematch is because sonnen is suspended for using PED'S in his fight with silva

  6. Even cheating he can't win. Sonnen is a disgrace

  7. i predict vitor will make an upset and beat silva via ko/tko..

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