Dana White: Chuck Liddell vs. Kimbo Slice, Not Yet

UFC President Dana White hinted that if Kimbo Slice gets some more experience, a fight with Chuck Liddell could be a possibility.

“If he [Kimbo] fought anybody that mattered, I would book that tomorrow…The fact is, Kimbo’s not there yet. He would get destroyed. I heard he just got knocked out by Forrest Griffin last week in a sparring match after a kick to the head…I’d take him [Kimbo] absolutely seriously – but, again, he hasn’t beat anybody. In this sport, it’s all about ‘Who have you beat right now?” And he hasn’t beat anbody.”


  1. yes, i would love to see chuck vs kimbo. but i want to see it before chuck turns 40 though. professional striker vs. street brawler. the whole fight will be standing for sure; it'll be over in 1 round.

  2. no comp right now i think chuck would take that fight. but i think kimbo will be a beast if he keeps working hard. i didn't hear anything about him getting ko'd i wonder if that is even true.

  3. dane drebin says:

    if he can't handle a sparring session with forest i dont think he can stand with chuck

  4. I hope that is true that Forrest knocked him out sparring. That would be pretty funny.

  5. I doubt Randy Couture would lie.

    Kimbo got no chin maybe?

  6. its dana saying it not randy, its funny first dana is bad mouthing him now he says he would sign him.

  7. kimbo is elite's money maker like chuck is for the ufc. i think dana would sign kimbo in a second if he ever got the opportunity.

  8. If Dana did sign Kimbo then he wouldn't live up to the hype going against the UFC fighters. Lets remember that Tank was in the UFC a long time ago and has only won 1 of his last 8 fights!

  9. Dana says he doesen't have the experience to fight a fighter like Chuck… but he put Lesnar in the Ring with Mir, which is the ground equivalent mismatch of the prior mentioned. Go figure. And I agree he would sign him if he could now.

    I'd almost like to see C.L. leave and go to EXC to take the fight, but I don't think it would happen, he has too much loyalty. He's been with the Pit for ever. And I think he is the type to show that he remebers that it was Dana and the UFC that helped get him where he is today, in his career.

  10. Great point on the lesnar mir fight eric, if brock would have known what to do, he wouldnt have gift wrapped his leg for mir. Chuck most certainly will not leave UFC, he would be stupid to do it, hes the highest paid guy and he makes a ton more money from endorsements and movies the only person with anything to lose if kimbo and chuck fight is chuck. If liddell wins everyone will say see I told you, but if he loses everyone will say hes lost a step and hes done like they did after rampage and jardine beat him. I think liddell would win the fight, but I thought that against rampage too, basically what it comes down to with two guys like that is who gets caught right on the chin first.

  11. Dana says that eventually he would ALLOW Kimbo to fight a washed up Chuck. That's awfully sweet of him. My question is what would Kimbo have to gain from this fight? Chuck has lost 2 out of 3 with his only win coming over a fighter who has lost 3 out of 3. There is a reason Dana isn't giving Chuck a title rematch.

  12. Matt you have to look at who the last three people were that both of those fighters stepped in with…chuck has fought wanderlei, keith jardine, and rampage while wanderlei fought chuck, mirko, and hendo…those all are really big names excluding jardine…by the time that the chuck and kimbo fight wouldnt even make it to a contract before chuck retires

  13. the only reason dana isn't giving chuck a straight title rematch is because the fans won't stand for it after losing 2 in a row. what he is doing is setting him up with good matchups so that he can get him his title shot as soon as possible. if chuck wins his next fight he will get that title shot, i guarantee that.

  14. i think chuck would take kimbo…not only is he a better technical fighter i also think hes a better brawler…i.e. vitor and tiger white

  15. Rampage said it best: "Man if Chuck beat a referee, they gonna give him a title shot, He's their boy."

  16. evergleam says:

    Dana signed lesnar because he was training and doing good with learning MMA. Dana doesn't feel that Kimbo is ready to fight anyone in the UFC and from what I've seen with Kimbo just in videos, I would have to agree. Dana has been doing this for a long time and he is a good businessman. He won't just throw someone in there to see them get crushed or because they rake in money. Dana realizes as everyone should that Kimbo doesn't have the MMA skills yet, thats all. And yes, Chuck is the posterboy for the UFC, he has been with the organization a long time and paid his dues. He has been training MMA much longer than Kimbo. It takes more than a street brawler to take town one of the best MMA fighters of all time. Chuck isn't going to get a title shot right away. IF he would have had the chance to fight Shogun and win, he might have been given another shot soon, just like Forrest. It's all about who you beat and who the champion has already beaten. I don't see who has a shot after Forrest if Rampage wins. It will be up to the winners of the next couple of fights. Maybe Jardine will have a shot if he can handle Wanderli… who knows.

  17. evergleam says:

    And in regards to Forrest knocking Kimbo out, it didn't happen. Forrest was sparring with Kimbo teaching him to keep his guard up at all times. Forrest then decided to catch Kimbo off balance and throw a leg kick to the head that Kimbo didn't see coming. Kimbo was suprised and that was the point. It goes to further prove that Kimbo just isn't ready as a fighter to fight UFC caliber guys. He's an awsome stand up fighter that can beat most people to the ground, but if a leg kick would suprise you then guess what would happen if he fought a guy like Chuck…..

  18. icemanrcks says:

    there is no way kimbo would ever beat liddell. If you guys watch all his "back yard brawls" you will see that he has to get inside on the other fighter and through upper cut punches for KO's. Liddell would never let that happen. as for rampage he will be loosing his next fight. no doubt about it. forrest can take a beating and probably will in the first round. after that the fight will end on the ground. most likley tapout.

  19. you had me till you said rampage is losing to forrest, rampage may lose his belt in the future theres alot of good lhw's but it won't be to forrest.

  20. Nick kimbo got no chin r u crazy oviously you have not watched many of his street fights more notably from the big guy that kimbo busted his eye and socket were kimbo stood there and let the dude hit em in the chin

  21. Geno,

    Yeah i am totally crazy kimbo is an elite mma fighter……..Thank the gods you came to show me the error of my ways. Wow kimbo just stands there and "let dude hit em in the chin" I can't believe how incredible awesome kimbo is.

    FYI I have seen kimbo youtube highlights if you can call'em that. Have you not seen kimbo loss to sean gannon Yeah gannon looked more beat-up but he didn't quit and gas like kimbo after he takes a shot to the body.

    Kimbo=EliteXC marketing tool who will only beat can fighters.

  22. i think kimbo with a lil more training would take the ice man i love chuck but kimbo is just a freaking beast

  23. Scooby Doo says:

    to #21 That's why Randy C. and Affl., and some other fighters. Are trying to have a amauter mma just like boxing does. That way kimbo (tomato cans) and lesner (first lost ,sorry to a true mma fighter) can go through instead of fighting on main cards.

  24. Kimbo would beat any heavy weight in the ufc and chuck liddle is just a stepping stone for kimbo thats itttttttttttttttttt

  25. wow your really stupid Nick…

    Kimbo would get killed by most all the UFC Heavy Weight Fighters..and alot of 205 could beat his ass..

  26. nick u fool have u ever seen an mma fight, my guess is no, u think kimbo is a beast put him in a brawl with someone like gabriel gonzaga and it would be night night kimbo, and put him against a world class bjj guy e.g. 'antonio rodrigo nogueira' he would tap in a second whilst feeling his knee pop out his socket. and theres no way chuck will fight kimbo its just a wet dream for people like u nick (wanna be mma fan but dont know shit about the sport) do u really think chuck is gonna move up to heavy weight to fight a knowbody when the guys just been on top of the game and is hopeing for another title shot. if kimbo dose make the ufc Brock lesnar is who he should fight experience wise, but even then i think he would get monsterd.

  27. Kimbo already got fucking destroyed by sean gannon and hes not half the fighter chuck is…ice man wud fuck him up

  28. sy is ryte nick is a fucking retard…fucking tito ortiz myte even beat kimbo cuz hes just a street brawler throwing wild punches Cuck Liddell is a trianed mma fighter

  29. Gannon rocked his shit he kept getting back up and nocked out agian

  30. Nick are you serious? WOW! You really think Kimbo could beat Chuck? That is reeeeeeeediculous!

  31. First of all, Brock Lesnar was brought the UFC because he is a ridiculous athlete and was a two time NCAA wrestling finalist taking 2nd as a junior and 1st as a senior. (he lost to Stephen Neal, a Patriots lineman who won the world tournament the year he beat Lesnar). Wrestlers, as you should all know, are usually excellent in MMA competition, i.e. Couture, Rashad Evans, Kevin "i use steroids and give horse urine instead of human urine for tests" Randleman.

    Second, Chuck Liddell is past his prime, but he is still a quality striker and would work Kimbo Slice around the cage.

    As a side point, someone said something about Gabriel Gonzaga that made him seem like a brawler. Just to clear it up, he is one of the best BJJ practitioners at his weight in the world.

  32. kimbo slice is a thug not a fighter. this is with no question an easy chuck liddel win

  33. whodini says:

    i loved that fight he had with Sean Gannon … Sean showed him what was up wit dat

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