Dana White: Chuck Has To Win Two

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According to statements made with Brawl Sports, Dana White is not going to give Chuck Liddell a title shot if he defeats Keith Jardine. He wants Chuck to win two in a row before fighting the winner of Rampage Jackson/Dan Henderson.

Chuck would have to win one more fight. I think Chuck has to win two fights in a row and then, yeah, he’s back in the mix again. He got knocked out in a minute 30 in the first round (in his last fight). No matter how great he is, I’d like to see him win a couple of fights and then come back and fight for the title again.

Dana White also defended his decision to have Chuck Liddell face Keith Jardin at UFC 76. Both fighters are coming off losses at UFC 73.

“Him and Jardine were on a collision course anyway … similar styles, both coming off knockout losses, both their fights ended very abruptly, so we did it.”


  1. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone should have to earn their way back to the top. Chuck will do it. With the pride boys coming over into the octagon, there is a lot more competition, which means longer lines.

    My prediction is that Rampage will lose to Henderson, and if that happens, then you've got Rampage wanting back on top too. If Chuck wins and Rampage loses, I bet we see a 2nd fight between them. I'm sure Chuck wouldn't mind to avenge his loss.

  2. That sounds about right. Maybe the Shogun/Griffin fight will be the #1 Contenders match.

  3. Yeah, I'm nervous for Griffin. I think taking that fight might be biting off more than he can chew.

  4. I think its a no lose situation for Griffin as long as he doesn't get dominated. Noone expects him to win so he can go in there like he did with Ortiz and show his heart. If he loses he will still be a fan favorite and if he wins, I'm seeing a title shot.

  5. A title shot? I think there are too many people in line before him or at least along side of him to get a title shot just yet. I'd love to see it, but I'm waiting to see what happens after the Rashad/Tito rematch.

    Let's say Forrest does win this fight, but then so does Rashad, I'd have to give Rashad the chance before Forrest.

    I don't know though, anything could happen. They could give Shogun the next chance if he wins. Who knows….

  6. I Think the UFC will want to make any Liddell/Jackson rematch a title fight not an und.card fight.They can sell lots more ppv that way..

  7. Liddell has to win 2, so there is going to be someone before him. Forrest is the biggest market, especially if he wins Shogun. If they were in the business to see who was the best they would have playoffs, but the UFC is in the business to sell as many fights as possible. Unless Rashad knocks Tito's block off decisively, then the Forrest/Rua winner is the best fighter to market for the UFC.

  8. Well said Realwun.

  9. Thanks you too. What if Tito whoops Rashad. Would you rather see Tito fight or the winner of Forrest/Rua?

  10. Personally I'm on the side that hates Tito. I can't stand someone who talks so much shit and, though he's a good fighter, can't really back up a good ass whooping in the cage. He gasses out almost every fight that goes the distance. Besides Shamrock, he really hasn't done much over the past couple of years.

    With that said….

    Definitely forrest/Rua. I like them both. Who doesn't like Forrest – he's modest and loves to bang all three rounds. I love a fighter with heart. Shogun should win that fight, but as we've all seen, anything could happen.

  11. If ortiz does whoop rashad then i dont see why he shouldnt get a shot at the title next. i think he deserves it more than the newcomer rua and forrest still hasnt beat a big name and lost to tito ortiz.

  12. There is no way in hell they will give Tito a shot at the title before they give Chuck a chance to get it back first. And if they do, then Dana is a dick (which, I guess we all mostly agree that he is one anyway) but I still can't see that happening, because if Tito was to get the shot and actually win, then his next fight would be Chuck, and we all know what happens there.

    I can't stand Tito, he's on his way to being washed up if you ask me. This sport has blown up way too much with awesome competition, which, in my opinion, will leave Tito in the dust.

    The only reason he's a contender is because he sells tickets for the UFC cause he's all drama.

  13. Yeah, Tito is not all there anymore and I think the game has passed him by. He doesn't try to learn new things or train in new camps, he wants it his way or the highway. He would do well in Elite and I think he should go there if he loses to Rashad.

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