Dana White: Chael Sonnen Says Dumb Shit, CSAC Ruling Unfair

UFC President Dana White talks about the Chael Sonnen situation and the unfair ruling by the California State Athletic Commission.


  1. hopefully someone can help me out by answering this for me cuz im not too familiar with the athletic commissions rules and sentencing system….does this mean chael cant fight in california? nevada? or anywhere?

  2. He cannot do the TUF show because it falls under NSAC he cannot fight in Nevada or California because neither commission will give him a license but I believe he can fight in other states or countries but I'm not completely sure. Dana makes it sound like he cannot fight at all. When Big John was in hot water with NSAC he was still able to referee in other states. I'm pretty sure that's why each state has a separate commission but there could be some kind of red tape keeping him from getting a license in other states due to his issues with NSAC and CSAC

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