Dana White Blowing Off Steam In Hollywood (Video)

Dana White might very well be the worlds busiest man. But this night Dana got a chance to blow off a little steam at a Hollywood night club.

Some advise from the UFC President,

“Don’t get drunk, don’t drink Redbull, don’t stay out to late and don’t do stupid interviews while drinkin”


  1. I guess a drunk Dana is a truthful Dana. Brock will be back in the WWE by Wrestlemania, just watch.

  2. Johnny Bravo says:

    Appreciate what he built but hate him as a person. His resolution should be to lay low- do his work and lay low.

  3. Ron Pauly says:

    Lay low? The guy works all the time, flies all over the world. Give him a break.

  4. his whole life is revolved around talking, interviews, and pranks. they need to get him drunk more often because he can’t bs his way out of question. what i got from this is that brock can go to the “w…we…is that what its called…the wwe” and that jon jones is his new favorite.

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