Dan Henderson: UFC Purchase Of Strikeforce Is Not Good For The Sport

Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson on the sale of Strikeforce, personal relationship with Dana White and the sport of MMA.


  1. more like not good for dan henderson

  2. ah i get what your saying dude, but im pretty skeptical of "business as usual." The ufc has two divisions that are running out of title fights if GSP and Silva keep winning at some point we will see some crossover strikeforce contract or not. Diaz GSP makes sense and I wouldnt mind seeing jacare and silva or even tim kennedy assuming silva beats okami and whoever else they throw at him after that. Dana said Kimbo would never fight in the ufc, he did, dana said strikeforce is the minor leagues, now a strikeforce guy is fighting for a title in a few weeks, I love the UFC but Dana SAYS alot of things and it won't take long for crossover in my opinion

  3. Rotten JD says:

    I personally think the best thing for the current and future growth of the sport would be to have several different leagues from all around the world put they're best fighters up against eachother and work together. Then and only then would you have a true spectrum for which to judge the best of the best and it would also keep things fresh. Until both fighters and promotionalist's realize how much they need eachother to exist and reach a respectable level of common ground (for both sides), it will continue to plague and halt the sport from going even farther forward toward tomorrow. But the bottom line is that there would be no Dana White without a Dan Henderson, Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, etc etc……

  4. add to that, those same guys' bank accounts NEVER looked so good as when Dana got his hands on them…marketing, national attention, etc… I remember having to catch a rare occasion when some off cable chanell would randomly air an event or some friend might come over with a bootleg tape.

  5. Rotten JD says:

    I agree 100% MW55, Dana has taken many fighters to rockstar status. I guess it's like the ol' chicken or the egg argument.

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