Cung Le Gives Back Belt, Shields vs Miller To Fight For Strikeforce Middleweight Title

cung le actor in mma

Its about time,

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker Thursday confirmed to that his middleweight champion, Cung Le, has booked another major motion picture role and will relinquish his belt.

Now that Cung Le is out to he way, Jake Shields vs Jason Mayhem Miller will fight on Nov. 7th for the belt. Heres what Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker had to say,

“I had a conversation with Cung and he has a lot of respect for Jake and Jason, and he’s got another movie coming up, so he’s asked me if he could step down, which we’re going to honor his request … By no means does that mean he’s going to be retired, but he’s going to be unavailable for the next two months”

” he continued. “Now that he’s not going to be our title holder, we’ll put him in some big super fights and continue his MMA career, but not have the pressure of defending his belt when he has movie opportunities.”

This move opens the way for Strikeforce to build a new champion, whether it be Jake Shields or Jason Mayhem Miller.

Headlining the Nov. 7th Strikeforce card will be “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko taking on Team Bison’s Brett Rogers. The venue of the event has yet to be announced, but there are rumors it will be at the Sears Center Arena in Chicago.


  1. What a bitch..Fuck Chung

  2. I don't blame him for taking the movie.

    But he's still an asshole for holding the belt hostage

    for all this time only to give it up now.

  3. shields will be the champ. cung should have fought a few more times and then made the movies. he's getting too old to make a comeback if he waits too long.

  4. too old for a comeback ? you mean like Tito …Coleman …Tank Abbot….Shamrock …Lidell ? lol

  5. too old for a comeback ? you mean like Tito …Coleman …Tank Abbot….Shamrock …Lidell ? lol

  6. Nate "Dirty&quo says:

    It'd be sweet if Miller got the belt, only to have it taken away by Tim Kennedy in a rematch between the two.

  7. "Their are rumors it will be at the Sears Center…"??? Their? Their? Are you in Third Grade? Maybe Bob Arum's blasting of MMA, its fans, and the world around MMA – including illiterate blog writers – is justified and we are the morons he says we are. THERE are rumors, ya idiot. At least pretend you're a journalist and use spell check.

  8. Choker555: Haha cut poor cage some slack.

    He doesn't ever speculate or create rumors Like mmabay.

    He isn't pompous and full of himself like sherdog.

    (Loretta hunt, that's all I'm sayin').

    He's just a guy who likes to report news.

    So what if his blogs have spelling and Grammatical errors.

    If the public School system in America did a better job and paid teachers enough to give a shit the point would be moot.

  9. Miko: blame blame blame. Don't blame the teachers. I think if you write for a living, at least write on a ninth grade level. Know the difference between "their" "there" and "they're". It's not that hard. (But maybe it's the white man keepin' me down!)

  10. @Choker555 If you are so concerned about grammar, go to a writing blog. This is a informal MMA blog. GRAMMAR LESSON are NOT allowed.

    Now back to MMA

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