Cris Cyborg Intensifies Training In Preparation For 5 Rounds With Gina Carano

Cyborg getting ready for 5 – 5 min rounds with Gina Carano at Strikeforce “Carano vs Cyborg”


  1. I cant see any way Gina could bet Cris Cybroge..i feel bad for Gina

  2. just another mma dud says:

    The Cyborg's look like the bastard children of Edward James Olmos. I hope Gina brings it because she is going to need it for sure. Here's hoping she has enough "it" to bring.

  3. in women's mma, there is no need to check for steroids. but they should check for penises.


    if they DO look, I know where they could find mine…. Huh? Gina?Hunh?!…..Sorry….had to get that out…. i feel dirty now. Think I'll go shower…………mmmmm…….Gina……..


    Seriously, that santos guy is tough and mean looking….they're really gonna let Gina fight him?!….Scary.

  6. Lyoto Machida says:

    I would drink her pee.

  7. Killah Hillz says:

    That bald guy sounds drunk.

    Santos has been training in the U.S. for a year and she still can't speak any English?

    Gina's only hope is some Jitz, cause that's how Santos lost before, but fighting someone like Santos will be too much for Gina.

  8. i saw her fight the other night she is one bad chick i havent seen gina fight yet so she better bring it is all i can say

  9. they still need to check for penises in women's mma.

  10. i saw a few of Ginas fights last night shes in big trouble i believe

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