Crazy Talks With Roy Nelson, The Big Heavyweight Conspiracy

UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson is scheduled to fight Frank Mir at UFC 130 in on May 28th.


  1. Flying Armbar says:

    I resent that remark by Roy "Big Country" Nelson comparing Dos Santos heritage to common street walkers. My Mom walks the streets for money and very few can appreciate what a demanding trade that is!

  2. Flying Armbar says:

    Really…if you are going to post under someone's name, at least be funny or creative. Whoever you are, I must have owned you in an argument and this is your childish way of getting back. it is not my fault you don't know your shit and cant argue.

  3. Flying Armbar says:

    …and another thing idiot, I own everyone on the internet cause I argue real good, see? On the internet that means something. I am the King of arguing!

    God, I'm so lonely

  4. This is really annoying. Can't we all act like adults? This is why many of the posters that had good points and could debate issues in a civilized manner have left or stopped posting. Whoever keeps doing this is a real loser and of course we won't know who you are but it must be sad to know that this posting under someone's name is the highlight of your day.

  5. Flying Armbar says:


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