Couture Saga Continues And Dana’s A Gangster


Sounding more like a “Gangster” then the president of a large American cooperation. Dana white had this to say about the lawsuit Zuffa LLC filed against UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture:

White said. “He’s got a half million of my money. He can fight. He can fight if he wants to. We’ll keep it (an interim title) forever. Believe me, we’ll hold on forever.”

Dana White, calling the Tim Sylvia vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira fight for an “Interim” Heavyweight title.

The UFC is suing its heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, in a Nevada court, but White refuses to strip him of the belt. He is calling the match between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Tim Sylvia on Feb. 2 in Las Vegas for the interim belt.

The UFC is recognizing Couture as its champion and not stripping him. White said he did not see removing the interim tag anytime soon.


  1. Hey Dana, don't be a dick.

    Sign Fedor for a one-time fight contract against Randy. Everybody wins, you get to keep Captain America in the UFC, the fans get to see the fight they want.

    Otherwise we'll watch the fight when M-1 Global puts it on, and then watch some ugly lawsuit where nobody ends up looking good.

  2. dana white is a dick

  3. yeah. do a co-promo with m1 global. in that way, everybody (ufc, m1, randy, fedor) all make money. it will also give fans what we want and we will remember it. if randy waits till ufc boots him, then everybody BUT UFC will make money.

  4. I want to see this fight as much as everyone…but as far as a smart business move…this was the right thing to do. Dana White can't, as president of the UFC, help another orginaqztion…in the buisness world you can not help your competitio no matter what the benifits would be…White may be an asshole but hes not an idiot

  5. dane drebin says:

    ya im with brandon as awesome as it would be it would never happen and it would be an idiotic move for the ufc. the ufc doesnt even want to acknowledge that any other organizations even exist. and he wouldnt keep randy in the ufc… randy has said win or lose fedor will be his last fight.

  6. It will never happen and there is no way I can see either White giving in or Randy fighting for the UFC anymore. Its a shitty situation but thats what all pro sports have to deal with, money and contract issues.

  7. quit buying the ufc ppv and maybe Dana wakes up

  8. they really should get rid of him and get some professional business to run this organization in some professional manner, especially as it comes to public fact and negotiations.

    Everybody's giving Dana so much credit for taking UFC where it is right now, but I'd be that if for last 3 years there would have been a professional businessman/executive, the UFC and MMA would have been even further.

  9. I'm so tired of Couture/UFC news. Until a fight between Couture and Fedor has been confirmed I really don't care to read into it anymore.

  10. dane drebin says:

    im with u joseph haha

  11. michael s says:

    dana cant sign fedor for one fight, what if fedor wins? then he is the champion and his contract is up. M1 will look good, ufc looks bad. unless ufc sign fedor for a long term contract dana will want to keep the two from fighting each other. thats why dana is suing randy, so randy cant fight for another organisation until the case is over. dana is a prick, but he is a smart prick

  12. i know alot of people say it would be bad for business but so is screwing the fans.the ufc hw devision is in trouble again randy is gone aa only has one fight left gonzaga may not be the great fighter everyone thought cro cop is not looking good sonn will be left with sylvia.i beleave the ufc should cross promote with any company that has a fighter thats worthy of competing in the ufc to see who really is the best in the world not just the best in the ufc.

  13. Jun Da Silva says:

    Brandon you suck man, Dana is a wanna be gansta, he's the kid on the block that everyone picked and now he wants revenge. So he still can't beat them but he's gonna mess with their paper, like a bitch. The fighters made the UFC what it is not Dana he doesn't give a rats ass about any of them. Dana is such an A-hole he doesn't even want the Affliction clothing line being worn unless he has him greedy paws on it, never mind that the fighters get paid and feed their families, eat and have to have a roof over their head. I hope Randy leaves and takes some of the guys with him, but, remember Fedor is the king of M-1 whats next after Randy or for Randy what's next after Fedor??? Fedor is unstoppable thats why this will be one of the highest grossing event of our time.

  14. Bro what the fuck are u talking about…I dont see how u get any of those idiotic ideas from the current issue…Yeah he 100% is a greedy ass hole i never said he wasnt fuck face..but as the owner of coke are u gonne produce a new flavor with pepsi…? NO!! this is the smart business move because you can't help the competition especially in the growing world of MMA where evrylittle thing helps…dont tell me what i did and did not say because i agree with u about dana (not about he was the kid picked on and all the other weird bull shit ur fantasising about)

  15. I agree with you brandon it would be a dumb move on his part to help M-1. you know that he wants them to do poorly so that he can buy them out just like he did with pride. The only way you help the competition is to pay for their lawyers at bankruptcy court.

  16. Kazja's Brother says:

    You guys should take it easy. I'll tell you why the UFC wont co promote a fight between Randy and Fedor. The Athletic Commission wont allow it. My Sister blows a guy named James Lewis, who's friends with Joe Smith. Joe Smith has a direct line to God and God said the fight between Randy and Fedor would cause Armageddon. So Joe Smith gave James Lewis nine dollars. James Lewis in turn gave my Sister half of that money to blow Dana White and convince Zuffa the fight would be bad for business. I know this because I was there. It all happened in the octagon that I originated.

  17. I dont know who you are but that is some funny shit. Great post!

  18. dam kazja's brother you sound alike are you twins.j/k to funny.

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