Countdown To UFC 80 Airs Tonight On SpikeTV

countdown to UFC 80

Countdown to UFC 80 “Rapid Fire” Airs Tonight at 11pm EST on SpikeTV.

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  1. i am not to impressed with this card.

  2. I am not not very impressed with it either. The BJ / Stevenson fight should be good (with Stevenson coming out on top) other than that, maybe the Kendall Grove fight, but that is about it.

  3. its weak, the kendall fight is weak to jorge already lost to weaker fighters than that. i think the ufc has a couple fights left on groves contract so they need to give him a win to make him worth something.if he loses that fight he'll look pretty bad.and b.j is goin to win in maybe the only good fight on the card.

  4. Kendall needs to win this next fight…otherwise i think everyone will see he is maybe just an average fighter…im really excited for the Anderson Silva/ Dan Henderson card…should be a great night of fights

  5. OK Roy- here is my deal, if BJ does win this fight, I will come back on here and "bow down to you" admitting that I was way off on this fight for everyone to read, can I expect the same from you? I have faith in my fighter, do you? What do you say, deal?

  6. sounds more than fair scott,if joe wins i will say the same i think i am getting the better odds here so its a deal.

  7. roy i got ur back…BJ has got this fight no doubt in my mind!!!

  8. Then I will expect the same from you Brandon. To bad someone can't have BJ's back, let me take that back, Joe probably will have his back most of the fight!

  9. of coarse scot…if BJ loses…which he wont…i will virtually bow down to u and confess that you know more abot MMA than I…should be good to hear you say that to me haha….but in all seriousness, how good of a fight is this gonna be!!!!

  10. How 'bout this,…just to show how sure I am that Penn is going to win I'll "bow down" as well, but here's the catch: If Penn wins, Scot looses his posting privledges here for a week. If Stevenson wins, the same goes for us. Well Scot, what do you say? Put your faith where your mouth is.

  11. i'm in joe if scott agrees. although i will miss his insightful posting it will only be a week.

  12. Good call Joe, i like that wager a lot more especially now that i've become deep into MMA and posting my thoughts about it…I 100% back BJ and know that he will win…I've got my faith, how bout u scot?

  13. ok your all 3 on. I'm standing by my man, hopefully I can just find other people to talk to for a week. You guys will be missed.

  14. You shouldn't miss us too much, you'll only be gone for a week. I'm sure you'll find someone else to talk to somewhere. Maybe during that week, you can start a support group for people with bad judgement. Just an idea to keep you busy.


  15. OK Joe I hear you, and if that is the case, I will let you know the name of my new group. You kmow, in case you need to visit it from time to time.

  16. I am going to UFC 80 with some friends… its the closest the UFC has got to Edinburgh, Scotland… so I’ll take it, weak card or not!

    I’m only really interested in Grove vs Rivera & Penn vs Stevenson though!

    I think Grove is a better fighting than he is given credit for… I re-watched his fight against Alan Belcher recently – he absolutley mauled him!

    And its Penn all the way in the main event!

  17. Hope you have a great time DanP… will you congratulate Stevenson for me after the fight, I would appreciate that.

  18. I like Joe Daddy, and if he wins I won't be dissapointed, I just think BJ Penn is better all round

  19. DumMexican says:

    "Congratulate Stevenson and give him my number.. cause I'm gay"

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