Mark Coleman Tears ACL, Out Of UFC 106 Fight With Tito Ortiz

mark coleman

Tito Ortiz breaks the news over night, that his UFC return against Mark Coleman is off.

“Coleman,coleman,coleman to bad he sissies out!!! Who’s next??? I’m kicking someone’s ass on Nov 21st!” [TitoOrtiz]

Fanhouse confirms Tito’s news, Mark “The Hammer” Coleman has apparently suffered a second degree tear on his MCL and is hoping for a end of the year return.

Coleman’s long-time friend Michael DiSabato, who also responded to Ortiz for a Twitter post Monday night stating that Coleman “sissie[d] out.”

“Coleman does not match make — he fights — Tito calls him ‘sissy’ — quote me … only thing Coleman scared of when it comes to Tito is contracting Swine flu from his dirty [bum] … We all know where he lays his head at night … Please, Coleman is Hall of Famer and does not run from anyone. Ask Tito why he can’t wait till Jan. 2. Coleman will be ready to fight on the New Year’s show.”

Now that Coleman is out of the picture, the UFC will now have the task of finding Tito Ortiz another “Ringer” so he could get in the in win column. Tito Ortiz’s last win in the Octagon was over Ken Shamrock way back in 2006.

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MCL not ACL Thanks ‘Roy’


  1. i heard it was his mcl? i dout he will be ready for jan if its his acl.

  2. looks like tito lucked out.

  3. i heard Heno is stepping in..

  4. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira/Dan Henderson rematch rumored as UFC 105 main event

    "According to sources close to the fighter, 'Little Nog' will be offered a light-heavyweight fight against ex-Pride superstar Dan Henderson in a bout which would top the bill in Manchester."

    "However, should Nogueira or Henderson turn the fight down, we understand welterweight legend Matt Hughes is being considered as an alternative big name to appear at the MEN Arena on November 14. It is rumoured Hughes could be handed a shot against highly-rated Mike Swick

  5. Kimbo is calling out Tito and i think thats crazy..If kimbo can make 205 i think it would be a pretty good fight..but Kimbo ha no ground skills so i think it would go to tito , but Kimbo is so strong.

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Let Forrest have at him again to redeem that 1st loss which was BS.

  7. exactly Oswald, total B.S.

    Too bad Forrest isnt training right now

  8. Kimbo can't make 205 right now. He needs to get down and train at that level. He doesn't have lungs as it is right now, you think he can cut that much weight and even last a round? No way.

    Coleman should just give it up. He's done and over. Been done, too. Just pack it in and move on with your life.

    Hendo would crush Tito. I think Cage is right…they wanna lob up another softball for Tito's return so they can get more viewers for the next one. Assuming his back holds up and he doesn't "sissy" out.

  9. Have rich franklin vs Tito please or maybe rashed vs tito 2?

    i would love to see forrest vs Tito 2 that would be sick..

    Yeah, coleman is doen and i think he should come back..

    i dont it will happend but what if Tito vs Randy 2 that would nice..

  10. Scratch my comment #4

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is fighting Luis Cane at UFC 106, but it hasn't been officially announced yet.

  11. Agreed, asdf;lkj. Hendo would crush Tito.

    I've heard rumors that they might cancel the Rashad/Thiago Silva fight at UFC 108 to have one of them step in and fight Tito. Also rumors that Houston Alexander could be a possibility.

    Yeah, I'd like to see either Forrest or Franklin fight Tito too. But I think Forrest would be more likely to step in than Franklin because they're both coming off early KO defeat, but Rich JUST came off a KO defeat. But I don't know what Forrest has been up to lately. I'm not sure if he's been training or not.

  12. Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt says:

    I don;t like Coleman and know that he is way past his prime…Tito, as bad as he has been (no wins since 2006) would have torn him up, Michael DiSabato's comments f'ed up Tito. What has to hurt Tito the most is that everyone knows it is true…she was (not sure if she is still doing moveis?) in the business for about 10 years. A lot of car's go into a tunnel in 10 years. Now I know why Tito is such a big PETA support, because his wife's kitty has been beaten BAD!

  13. Tito running his mouth again. I thought he matured and learned something. But Nope

  14. its Offical tito vs hendo for 106

  15. i think he should fight the winner of Tank Abbot and Butterbean

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