Chuck Liddell Loves His Blonds

chuck liddell outside villa night spot

Following his win over Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck “The Iceman” gets caught by the paparazzi leaving the Los Angles night spot “Villa!”, with two blonds in tow.

Who said UFC fighters don’t have time for their fans. Chuck poses for a picture with a fan and still has time to dry hump a brunette.

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  1. feels good to win

  2. now we know how liddell improved his stamina.

  3. He loves his blondes and brunettes by the look of the vid. Damn I wish I was a celebrity.

  4. i love slutty blondes!!!

  5. damn, chuck gets more girls than james bond.

  6. dane drebin says:

    i fuck slutty blondes but would never love them kom34

  7. hahahaha

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