Chuck Liddell In Blue Mountain State Preview – Video


  1. anybody here anything new about jds vs brock for interim hw title with cain sidelined by injures???

  2. ironcjb82 says:

    im pretty sure brock would be afraid to fight JDS. He could get punched in the face. IMO he will take a fight like mir or roy nelson where he thinks he can get a quick takedown.

    Does chuck get knocked out by someone on blue mountain state in this episode ?? LOL

  3. P4P #1 Fan says:

    mikem = I heard that there has been on word on when Brock would return to the cage. I don't think he is injured but just took some time off from training after his loss to Cain. He will not be fighting soon. I also heard that Carwin just got back to training also, so he is out as well. I don't know that Mir or Roy deserve a shot an interum belt.

  4. ironcjb82 says:

    @p4p, CArwin is fighting @ ufc 130 or 131.

  5. ironcjb82 says:

    ok i know nothing, lol. Its JDS and Lesnar for the TUF coaches. saw this on another site

  6. what was the other site?

  7. never mind i found it

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