Chris Leben “Stupid Human Tricks”

Chris Leben doing more of what made him popular on the Ultimate Fighter Season 1.

HT: Cagepotato


  1. The funny thing is I don't even think he was drunk in these videos. Makes me think the girl behind the camera must be hot.

  2. he's a damm fool. great for entertainment, i enjoy watching him fight!!!

  3. I didn't think Leben was still a fool. Guess he is and I laughed my ass off on his stupid ass. Get a life before you get KO'd by a youtube prick.

  4. ha i think he took that punch damn good it was the chin and it was hard and fast ha

  5. danedrebin says:

    he's just havin some fun dont be so judgemental

  6. whatever gets the chip off your shoulder. he does these things and fights because it probably keeps him grounded…if thats possible haha. but i think he's funny to watch.

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