Cheap Shot 101: Sheila Gaff Shows You How To Get An Easy KO Win In The Opening Seconds

Some fighters know that you can get away with one illegal move…eye poke, nut shot, head butt. But Sheila Gaff showed that you don’t have to wait that long to get in a cheap shot that can turn the fight in your favor.

Sheila Gaff gave Jennifer Maia the nod that she would touch gloves before starting their match at Fight Night 4 in Dubai. But what Sheila ended up doing is cold cocking Maia as she tried to tough gloves which was the beginning of the end for this fight.

Lesson learned, protect yourself at all times. Somewhere out there Floyd Mayweather Jr. is probably clapping.


  1. I don t see the nod you write about? it seems pretty clear that the best fighter won that fight.

    • Who cares if she nodded. Did you see her left glove extended all the way as she walked up to Maia like she was going to touch gloves? That's too funny.

  2. It was a cheap shot but it didn't end the fight. She whaled on the other girl that's what ended the fight.

  3. G.B Brick says:

    they had already touched gloves so what did she expect a hug

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