Chael Sonnen Still Barking, Should Anderson Silva Be Scared?

The UFC released this compilation of Chael Sonnen talking trash about Anderson Silva. The two will face off at UFC 117 on Aug. 8th in Oakland.


  1. Aldo Raine says:

    I can't wait for this fight to happen. I want to see Silva pull the Ol' Forrest Griffin treatment on him. I like that he has hopefully pissed off Anderson so maybe we will get the Silva that nobody wants to get in the ring with. However he's bashed everyone. The complete 205 division including Machida…who would destroy Sonnen. He bashed Nog and countless others. Chael does however, know how to promote a fight…..I'll give him that.

  2. smackallica says:

    Aug. 8th is a Sunday. Jeesh guys, check a calendar…..

  3. UFC on VS. is Aug first which is a Sunday but UFC 117 is on Saturday the Seventh.

  4. Just like sonnen said, silva is going to be on his back so much, like a pornstar with a mortgage.

  5. ironcjb82 says:

    Silva KO round one..knee to Sonnen's dome ! this guys standup is elementary. Good wrestling but so does Henderson…Vitor would have been a much better fight.

  6. I so want Silva to beat Sonnen up so bad that Sonnen won't be able to talk shit again. Hope he makes him look like a fool.

    I really think Sonnen is going to rush in for a takedown straight away and Silva is going to KO him in seconds or batter him then play with him like a cat does with a mouse.

    If Sonnen does get the takedown then he could win but i don't think he will.

  7. asseater says:

    CS is funny as shit i hope he wins probably wont but i hope so if not he should be a stand up comedian he makes me laygh very witty clever

  8. He's definitely a politician haha. Really excited about this fight hope he backs his talk up would like to see how Anderson responds to Chael's in your face non stop style.

  9. silva by sub in rd 2 or 3

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