Chael Sonnen Gets Back On Stage For UFN 22 Q & A

Chael Sonnen takes his comedy show on the road, gets on stage for a Q & A at UFC Fight Night 22 in Texas.


  1. Q – Will you continue talking smack now you've submitted.

    A – Yes

    Q – Would you elaborate

    A – I am lame

  2. CobraClutch says:

    I can't wait for the rematch!

  3. This guy can talk. No wonder he is a politician. His stand up is better than Rogans. Thats sad.

  4. I don't know about that

    Google – Rogan getting Heckled

    He's in top form when someone is coming after him. Funny but vicious.

    Sonnen sounds more like a WWF Wrestler but nasal and whiney

  5. I agree with Nico, and i wish Lesner was there.

  6. CobraClutch says:

    Just saw Rogan ripping on the guy in Calgary, he calls him up to the stage when he boasts he's funnier and then proceeds to tear him a new asshole, pretty funny.

    Good call Tico!

    I've mentioned many times how I hope that MMA will become a sport of honor as most people trained in Martial Arts treat it and lose the kiddies with their lame trash talk, but Sonnen is growing on me. Every sport needs a Clown I suppose and he fits the bill, and Tico, I like his nasal voice, it adds to the comedy, if he sounded masculine it would take away from the childishness.

  7. I would love to see Sonned take it to Silva. I am tired of seeing that cocky dude. time for his reign to end. Sonnen is funny. Admit it.

  8. CobraClutch says:

    I do admit it, but Sonnen had his chance with Silva and failed, and I think Silva will win again for the rematch.

    I also think Sonnen is as cocky as Silva.

  9. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    Fucking loser. Wants to be me so bad he's stealing my name. What a pussy. Complains about me, then steals my name. Troll.

  10. Wow He is gone overboard. Disrespect for all the top fighters. WOW! Hey Dana how about a david Vs. Goliath match between Chael and Sonnen. Please Dana make it happen!!!

  11. I think he's hilarious. Whys him saying this stuff so bad, to me it seems more a joke than anything. Koscheck says hes going to "beat your fake ass" to a guy who beat his monkey ass for 15 minutes without barely breaking a sweat. Sonnen at least got in the ring and backed it up. I don't mind the trash talk as long as you back it up, which is why I can't stand guys like Mir and Flopcheck.

  12. HAHAHAHA…….Sonnen was roiding during the fight. He received his notice the other day that he failed his drug test. That is funny. Hopefully that will shut him up now. I read that he could be suspended for up to a year. Say goodbye to your rematch for the title.

  13. chael's comedy act is old

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