Chael Sonnen “Anderson Silva Is the Champion, But I’m the Best”

“Apologize, what? I want you guys DESTROYED. Torn to pieces, laid on an altar in front of a statue of me w/golden fangs, and set on fire.” [Twitter] – Chael Sonnen

Chael will have a chance to prove that when he takes on the champion Anderson Silva at UFC 117 on August 7th at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.


  1. CobraClutch says:

    I believe Chael is projecting. He's talking so much shit that the ONLY way he can back it up is by literally smashing Anderson Silva and completely dominating Silva.

    If THAT happens, then I'll change my name to "Donkey Butt" for two days. lol. Anyone want to take Chael's side and offer the same "penalty?" I'll give you 2-to-1. You only have to change your name for one day, but that one day you have to make at least 5 original and different posts as "Donkey Butt."

    Anyone down?

    (That's how you make a wager, BTW…).

  2. well Sonnen only chance to win is to avoid being hit and dry humping like GSP does. But Silva's Precsion is so good that he can land devastatin strikes from the bottom also and from the top position when he is on the ground

  3. cheal sonnen sucks dutch… hes no good… just good at talking up a fight… he is going to lose… and lose badly… anderson is coming into this fight looking to finish… i bet this fight looks very similar to the forest griffin fight…

  4. 2-1? You think Chael is that good?

  5. hype421 says:

    He is just a tool bag and I hope Anderson knocks his block off. O ya and that whole teleportation joke at the end of this was not original he ripped that off of aziz ansaris comedy special intimate moments for a sensual evening. D bag to the fullest. WAR SILVA.

  6. LumpDawg says:

    You guys seem to think Silva is unbeatable, think again. He's human.

  7. He is human, but right now he is unbeatable. if anyone is going to beat him, it is not going to be Chael. Chael is very agrresive and not real quick. He is athletic and has a great work ethic…I'll give him that but his two weaknesses are Silva's strengths. This is not a good match-up for Chael.

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