Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva Mix It Up At UFC Fan Expo

Chael Sonnen talks about a couple face to face interactions with Anderson Silva at the UFC Fan Expo.


  1. CobraClutch says:

    Anderson Silva, by Second Round KO…..because he will toy with him for the first round, but can't let it get to 3 because Dana will have a hissy fit. hahaha.

  2. Borris da Blade says:

    For once I'll agree with you. Glad to see you're out living the life you claim is so great instead of posting on every topic here on these forums and declaring yourself to be the winner when the people's votes are what matters and everybody says you've lost.

    Glad to see you're feeling better.….

  3. whats Wrong with Chael? So angry and so disrespectful

  4. Borris da Blade says:

    What are you talking about?

    Also, there's alot wrong with Chael. His bark is way bigger than his bite for one thing.

  5. Bobby Hill says:

    LOL Is that a pic of Clutch Borris? Looks like him. He's like Debo's sidekick from Next Friday talking shit even after getting smacked. Pretty much how it was in the other post where e got dogged out of the room but claimed he still "won". I love it.

  6. Seriously what Chance does Chael have other than doing a GSP dry humping for 5 rounds

  7. He could try a Brock Lesnar dry hump or a Fedor Dry Hump to name a few.


    hey!!! Brock's humping is sweaty and Passionate! You take that back right now!….(but he also knocks people the f#@k out)…I wouldn't fight him.

  9. brock hasn't ko'ed anyone! they were all tko's! he didn't even ko mir! that was SHANE CARWIN who ko'ed Mir! BROCK lost the first fight to MIR! BROCK never ko'ed anyone he fought!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB ASSES!! MAYBE YOU PEOPLE SHOULD START WATCHING FIGHTS INSTEAD OF READING ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  10. CobraClutch says:

    shawn, what's wrong with you? one person says something and you throw everyone under the bus. you're right that Brock hasn't KO'ed anyone, but only one person said that, and this is a post about Sonnen and Silva, anyways.

    But since Timmie brought it up, how does Brock or Fedor dry hump people? I understand how some of you guys always say GSP does that, but Brock and Fedor (especially) always work. Brock will lay on you and do those rapid hammerfists until he gets tired, swings around, and hammerfists from the other side like a workout. Fedor ALWAYS works to finish, and has been the undersized one lately. He KO'ed Arlovski, KO'ed Rogers, and never got on top of them once. The facts are kinda off on that one.

    Maybe some of you just don't like the wrestling part of MMA. Like I said before, this is MMA, not boxing. So that's part of the sport is to wrestle and control your opponent. If someone can't defend the wrestling or the take down, then they need to get better and work on their overall MMA game.

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