CFFC 6 Officially Canceled

kimbo slice

After days in limbo, its officially canceled, Cage Fighting Fury Championships president Felix Martinez had this to say on CFFC website:

It is with deep regret that I have to announce the cancellation of Cage Fury’s October 12th event. I did everything in my power to make this show happen for the fighters and the fans. However, I could not overcome the loss of a major investor for this show who decided to pull out at the last moment. With the loss of this investor, I cannot proceed with another first class event. It has always been my intention to provide the best combative sport entertainment that I could. I am very sorry for having to cancel this event and sincerely apologize to all the fighters, the fans, and our dedicated staff.

Felix Martinez, President, Cage Fury Fighting Championships

Sadly we may never see Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott.


  1. That sucks, would have been a fun fight to see. What sucks even more is that this news just makes Dana Whites head all the more bigger.

  2. this is what they deserve for putting on such a crappy headliner. tank cant carry a fight and going against kimbo is alsmost as bad a matchup as ray mercer. c'mon, if kimbo is so hungry then give him something he can chew on!!!

  3. The fight still on!!!! they just canceled the pay per view

  4. Shame. It would have been entertaining.

    A better match up would be Tank vs. Ray Mercer, Come on Felix put that one togther!

    Why? They match up better age wise, as well as styles.

    They would throw bombs until someone drops.

    I like this much better Someone should have Ray Mercer vs. Tank Abbott.

    As far a s Brock Lesner. Lets's test him. Put him in with Wesley Correia. That figjt would let us know how far Lesner will go in MMA. Correia WILL test Lesner!

  5. I know this is a little old and thus my comments late (very), but the Kimbo VS Tank is a match up that I’d love to see. If it were close to me I would go see it first hand! Tank gets submitted in MMA because he is more of a street fighter and most of us have seen the legionary KIMBO in action. I think it would be an exciting fight for the fans.

    There would only be one victor…, but no loser in my eyes, because I feel that when a fighter gives it their all they rise above commonplace and enter the extraordinary; not the victor, but yet glorious.

    I know both fighters would lay it on the line! Thus, the fight fans would also be winners also!

    Anyway there you have my belated thoughts as well as my hopes for a future match.


  6. It's a shame that is canceled. I would have been interesting to see the fight but I suppose it can't be helped so I just hope to see good fights in the future

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