2012 Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award: Jon Jones Nominated Fighter of the Year

2012 Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award: Jon Jones Nominated Fighter of the YearJust last Wednesday, Jon Jones was nominated in ESPY Fighter of the Year Award. Nominations are also given to Floyd Mayweather, Anderson Silva, and Andre Ward. Now in UFC, Jon Jones had made a brilliant year that even without votes; he will undoubtedly bag this title. Nonetheless, ESPY doesn’t base their awards on who is the most deserving. Most commonly, they rely on which of their awardees will be put to the mainstream. This doesn’t come off for MMA global superstars, since not all of them are recognized as household names. In the sports world, MMA fighters are acquiring all the attention; however, this is not the same for others going forward.

Of the four nominees stated earlier, Jones has beaten out the most MMA fighters for last year. Last July 2011, the voting period started with Jones having 3-0 on his card. He got a lot to offer in UFC’s light heavyweight division and won dominantly in each of these fights. For all four of the nominees, Mayweather is only one close to what Jones had to be nominated. Below are the nominees are what they fought over the past year:

Alongside Jones is another UFC fighter nominated for the title, Anderson Silva who beat Okami. Some of the UFC fans thought of the fight between Silva and Okami to be a trap due to the latter’s size and wrestling ability. Nonetheless, the most exemplary in his fighting career was Jones who made a unique style of fight against Lyoto Machida and became the biggest rival for Rashad Evans. He truly deserves to be ESPY’s Fighter of the Year Award.

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