Randy Couture signs deal with Spike TV for Bellator reality series

This season’s Ultimate Fighter featuring Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen has so far proved to be entertaining. Episode 2 aired Tuesday night, and featured the first quarterfinal matchup and the first fight since the 16 contenders for the TUF 17 entered the house.

Gilbert Smith of team Jones squared off against Luke Barnatt of team Sonnen. Many were puzzled by Jones choosing to put his number four pick up against the number one pick of Sonnen, including some of Smith’s teammates. In any case everybody’s doubts were correct when Barnatt scored a late KO of Smith in the second round of their match. Until that point, the fight was pretty much a draw, which can also raise the question, just how good is Sonnens number one pick. In any case Team Sonnen now has the advantage. On next week’s episode Chael Sonnen went with his No. 2 pick Uriah Hall to matchup against Team Jones’ No. 6 pick Adam Cella.

In other new UFC Hall of Famer Randy “The Natural” Couture inked a mutil- year deal with Spike TV according to several media outlets. Couture will be a part of Bellators new reality based series that will be aired on Spike TV to fill the void for the departing TUF, Dana White obviously wasn’t happy about the decision. However, he was happy about Nick Diaz’s behavior in Montreal to promote his upcoming bout with GSP at UFC 158. White said Diaz, was cooperative, and even hung around to sign autographs for the fans.

Interview with 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo

London Real hosted by Brian & Nic is a weekly video podcast, dedicated to challenging the status quo, exploring the human experience and exchanging ideas and perspectives with a full range of eclectic guests in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Recent guests include bestselling author Graham Hancock and British Member of Parliament George Galloway.

London Real’s recent exclusive one-hour video interview is with 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo in Venice Beach, CA. Eddie talks about music and his band Smoke Serpent, how his love for Bruce Lee eventually brought him to Jiu-Jitsu, why he avoided marijuana for most of his life and now embraces it, and how having a child has completely changed his priorities in life.

Watch 3-minute video highlight or the full one-hour interview at the links below:

Some interesting snippets from the conversation:

“I sample metal stuff, I sample Goth stuff, I sample old Nine Inch Nails stuff.” – Eddie Bravo (4:28)

“I like no limits. With a rock band if you put a synthesiser in there you risk being called homo.” – Eddie Bravo (6:23)

“I didn’t know what I was going to do. That was the year I started smoking weed and the last thing I wanted to do was play electric guitar.” – Eddie Bravo (17:03)

“Why did you pick Jiu Jitsu? I saw UFC 2.” – Brian & Eddie Bravo (20:55)

“I really respect you for doing that, you really put yourself out on the line. I had to.” – Nic & Eddie Bravo (45:44)

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