Alexander Gustafsson vs. James Te Huna Full Fight Video

UFC 127 took place February 26, 2011. This card featured a light heavyweight match between Alexander Gustafsson and James Te Huna.

This would be Alex’s 4th fight in the UFC. He had 2 wins and 1 loss, defeating Jared Hamman by KO and Cyrille Diabate by submission. His one loss was to Phil Davis by submission in round 1. He was a tall and strong light heavyweight with a well rounded fight game. His length and height match the current champion, Jon Jones.

This would be Te Huna’s 2nd fight in the UFC. His last fight was at UFC 110. He defeated Igor Pokrajac by KO in the 3rd round. Being the shorter fighter, Te Huna will have to find a way to close the distance against the dynamic and lengthy Swedish fighter.

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves in the center then engage. Alex circles on the outside while Te Huna moves forward. Alex comes in with a quick one-two combo, and Te Huna grabs his body in a clinch. He backs up Alex towards the cage, but Alex picks James up and drops him to the canvas.

Te Huna pops right back up and they both continue to clinch. Te Huna drops down and carries Alex’s weight over in a nice takedown. He mounts Alex and looks to gain a good top position. Alex is scrambling and bucking his hips, trying to stop Te Huna from gaining a good position. Te Huna gets side control, and starts working to score some offense.

He lands a few medium shots to the side of Alex’s face, but nothing greatly damaging. Alex is defending well, covering his face and looking for opportunities to stand back up. Alex gets a hold of Te Huna’s neck and keeps control of his posture. Te Huna is landing body shots and occasional shots to Alex’s face, but nothing threatening to end the fight.

Alex manages to lock up full guard, preventing Te Huna from posturing up to reign down punches. Te Huna continues to work from Alex’s guard, landing shots to the body and the head. Alex is still defending, attempting to keep control of Te Huna’s neck and head. Te Huna is scoring more offense now, landing a solid elbow, and more frequent punches.

Te Huna postures up again, and Alex uses that moment to throw an upkick that misses. Alex quickly scrambles to his feet and Te Huna grabs his body once more and presses him into the cage. Te Huna has his hands clasped around Alex’s body, looking for another takedown. Alex is defending well, keeping the takedown at bay.

Te Huna pulls Alex away from the cage, holding one of his legs up in the air. They go back into the cage, and Alex gets his arms around Te Huna’s neck. Te Huna continues to work Alex into the cage, looking for a takedown. Alex finally backs Te Huna up toward the center of the cage, then grabs one of Te Huna’s legs and slams him down. Alex is in side control and starts working immediately. Te Huna is able to scramble and both men stand up.

Te Huna drops down again and grabs Alex body, pushing him into the cage. Te Huna drops down lower and is able to get Alex down onto his knees. Te Huna has a hold of Alex’s leg, but Alex escapes scoots around to Te Huna’s back. Alex quickly gets the hooks in and flattens James out. Once he gets him flat, Alex quickly wraps his arm around Te Huna’s neck and gets a rear-naked choke locked in.

Te Huna tries to fight it off and Alex rolls him over. He lets go of the choke and drops 3 or 4 punches to James face. When James rolls back over, Alex sinks in the choke again. After only a few seconds, Te Huna is forced to tap out and the ref separates the two. Alexander Gustafsson defeats James Te Huna by submission in round 1.

Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony Pettis Full Fight Video

UFC 144 took place February 25, 2012 from Tokyo, Japan. The card featured a lightweight bout between Joe Lauzon and Anthony Pettis.

Lauzon is a long time veteran who has been a part of the UFC since 2006. He’s largely known for his submission game but is also a good striker as well. He was coming off two back to back victories over Melvin Guillard and Curt Warburton, finishing both opponents by submission in round 1.

Pettis entered the UFC in 2011, coming over from the now defunct WEC organization. Before the WEC shutdown Pettis had defeated Ben Henderson to become the lightweight champion. His highlight reel “showtime kick” to Ben Henderson was known by MMA fans all over the world. He is a very well rounded fighter with great submission skills as well as dynamic striking abilities. In his last fight at UFC 136 he got the unanimous decision over solid fighter Jeremy Stephens.

Lauzon was never known to be in a boring fight and this would be a big step up for Pettis if he could defeat Joe. Lauzon was ready to get a title shot and a victory over Pettis would move him one step closer to realizing his goal.

Round 1:  Both fighters come to the center. Lauzon keeps his hands high while Pettis hands are at his sides. They circle briefly, and Pettis immediately throws a fast kick to Lauzon’s body. Joe backs up a step then re-engages. Joe moves forward throwing a couple of feeler jabs, then Pettis throws and lands a quick leg kick.

Pettis circles on the outside while Joe moves forward. Lauzon attempts a couple of jabs and Pettis moves away. Joe continues to press forward while Pettis circles sideways with his hands down at his sides. Joe rushes in throwing 3 or 4 punches, but none really hit the target and Pettis circles away.

Pettis sticks out a jab and follows it up with a one, two combo. Lauzon blocks it and Pettis backs away. Joe comes forward with another one, two punch attempt but Anthony sidesteps and moves away. Pettis moves forward after throwing a quick jab and throws 3 or 4 more punches that Joe blocks mostly with his gloves.

Pettis turns his body sideways while Joe is moving forward and Pettis throws a side kick that lands slightly to Lauzon’s body. Joe brushes it off and continues moving forward, stalking Pettis. Pettis throws jabs to Joe’s face, hoping to keep the distance between them but Lauzon keeps plodding forward.

Joe rushes forward again, throwing another 3 punch combo. Pettis blocks the shots while circling away. Joe follows him and Pettis turns sideways to land a side kick to Lauzon’s upper thigh. Joe takes it and continues pressing forward. Pettis continues to circle on the outside while Joe presses forward. Pettis throws a couple of light jabs to close the distance, and throws a wicked high kick that catches Lauzon right in the face. Lauzon’s body drops to the canvas immediately, and Pettis follows up with 3 unanswered shots that makes the referee come in and stop the fight. Anthony Pettis defeats Joe Lauzon by KO in round 1.

Jose Aldo vs. Manny Gamburyan Full Fight Video

WEC 51 took place on September 30, 2010. It featured a featherweight championship fight between champ, Jose Aldo, and challenger Manny Gamburyan.

Aldo joined the WEC in 2008 and had been a terror ever since his inception. He defeated 6 of his last 7 previous opponents by knockout, only going to decision once with Uriah Faber. It would be hard to see who could stop Aldo’s momentum.

Manny left the UFC in 2009 to come over to the WEC. He won his first 3 fights, defeating Mike Brown in his previous bout by TKO. He came with tremendous knockout power and a wealth of experience. It was time to see if that would help him defeat the most explosive fighter in MMA.

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves in the center and face off. Aldo moves forward while Manny circles. Manny throws a strong one-two that doesn’t land but forces Aldo back. Aldo recovers and they engage in the center. They circle each other, Aldo moving forward and Manny circling on the outside. Aldo rushes in and lands a jab and quick knee to Manny’s body. Manny backs up briefly and re-engages.

Manny is constantly rushing in trying to land strong combos, but Aldo simply backs away and he ends up hitting air every time. Aldo lands a strong leg kick circles around and lands another leg kick. Manny looks more aggressive and keeps running in throwing one-two punch combos that miss.

Manny, who is the shorter fighter, seems to be having trouble finding his range with Aldo. Aldo seems content with landing leg kicks and hasn’t done any significant damage. Manny finally throws a right hand that catches Aldo slightly, but not enough to do anything.

Manny swings wildly on the outside, missing a huge left hook. Aldo rushes in and lands a vicious leg kick that buckles Manny’s left leg. Manny rushes right back in throwing another one-two punch combo that misses. Aldo leaps forward and lands another solid leg kick. Manny rushes forward throwing two punches that barely miss the mark. Manny complains of an eye poke and backs into the cage. The referee makes them fight and they face off. Manny lands a leg kick and Aldo lands a knee to the body at the same time. With only seconds left in the round, Manny goes for a takedown but Aldo defends it and the horn sounds.

Round 2: They face off and Manny comes out with more aggression, throwing a leg kick, a one-two punch combo, and shoots for a takedown. Aldo defends and they face off in the center. Manny circles on the outside while Aldo moves forward. Aldo lands an uppercut to Manny’s body, but Manny shakes it off and continues engaging.

Aldo throws a wicked one-two punch combo that lands. It stuns Manny slightly, but he keeps coming. Manny backs off for a second, but comes forward where Aldo throws another wicked uppercut to the face that drops Manny to the canvas. While Manny is down, Aldo back mounts him loosely and starts landing bombs to the side of Manny’s face. Manny is trying to cover up, but it is no avail as Aldo’s attack is just too vicious. The ref gives Manny a chance to defend, but Aldo lands 4 more strong punches that puts Manny in la la land. The ref pulls Aldo off and the fight is stopped. Jose Aldo maintains the featherweight championship by defeating Manny Gamburyan by KO in round 2.