Exclusive Interview With Tapout Sponsored Julie Kedzie Exclusive Interview With Julie Kedzie caught up with Julie Kedzie, recently signed AFL fighter and the first female MMA fighter to be sponsored by the clothing company Tapout.

Julie was featured last week on the current season of the reality show Tapout on Versus. She currently trains with Greg Jackson camp out in Albuquerque. In this interview she discusses the show, training with Team Jackson, and her future with the AFL. Can you tell me a little bit about your martial arts background and how you got started in MMA?

Julie Kedzie: I began training when I was about four years old in Tae Kwan Do and then my family moved to Indiana when I was about twelve. I joined a school called the Joe County Martial Arts, continued my Tae Kwan Do training, and there they offered cross training. By the time I was 18 I kind of discovered Muy Thai and combat submission wresting and Brazilian Ju jitsu. – and I fell in love with them (laughs).

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Meet The Women Of American Gladiators

EliteXC female superstar Gina Carano made her debut on The American Gladiators TV show on Sunday night. Carano went 4-0 in her appearance, even pulling guard on the big pyramid to stop a much larger contestant from getting to the top. Gina did have trouble on the Joust, but managed to stay on the platform till time expired.

WARNING…I am not 100% certain some of these women are actually females.

Gina Carano Joins The American Gladiator Cast As “Crush”

gina carano american gladiator

EliteXC fighter Gina Carano has joined the new cast of the American Gladiators TV series. She will be known as the female Gladiator “Crush” on the new show.

The American Gladiator TV series was hugely popular during the 90′s, pining contests to go head to head against the Gladiators in various athletic events

American Gladiators debuts January 6 on network TV.