Junior Dos Santos vs Gabriel Gonzaga Full Fight Video

UFC On Versus took place on March 21, 2010 in Broomfield, Co. The co-main event was an exciting heavyweight bout between Junior Dos Santos vs. Gabriel Gonzaga.

Gonzaga was a well respected veteran who had fought in the UFC since 2003. He was known for having outstanding jiu-jitsu as well as knockout power. He was the more experienced fighter, having taken on some of the best fighters in the world. He fought Randy Couture for the championship in 2007 but came up short. He also took on Fabricio Werdum, Shane Carwin, and had a highlight reel knockout over Mirko Cro Cop.

Dos Santos entered into the UFC in 2008. He was establishing himself as a well rounded fighter. He was primarily known for his knockout ability and superior take down defense. He was 4-0 and had finished all 4 of his opponents. 3 by KO, and 1 by submission. His opponents included Stephan Struve, Mirko Cro Cop, Gilbert Yvel, plus his own highlight reel knockout over Fabricio Werdum. The odds seemed to be stacked in Gonzaga’s favor due to his experience, but Dos Santos exciting finishes and undefeated record made everyone curious to see if he could finish Gonzaga as well. Was Dos Santos the real deal? We were about to find out.

Round 1:  Both fighters meet in the center of the Octagon. They start feeling each other out, circling each other, and not really doing too much in the first minute. Gonzaga lands a hard leg kick that moves Dos Santos whole body. Seconds later, Gonzaga shoots for a takedown and scores. Dos Santos, who has amazing balance and takedown defense, pops right back up only seconds later. Dos Santos breaks Gonzaga’s grip and they square off in the center once again.

They circle each other for the next 30 seconds, not throwing too much. Gonzaga fakes one jab then lands a moderate leg kick. Gonzaga follows up with an attempted punch, but Dos Santos lands a good right cross to Gonzaga’s face. Dos Santos starts to loosen up and starts throwing jabs to Gonzaga’s body. Dos Santos starts throwing more punches, becoming the more active of the two. His punches and his timing keeps Gonzaga at bay, who has not landed anything of significance for the last minute.

Gonzaga finally gets some space and attempts a wicked head kick that just misses. After trading a couple of attempted jabs, Dos Santos responds with a head kick of his own that Gonzaga blocks with his glove. Dos Santos throws another high kick that lands just behind Gonzaga’s head, on his back. For the next 30 or so seconds they both just feel each other out with light jab attempts, neither one lands.

Dos Santos gets loose and throws a strong over hand right to Gonzaga’s head that barely misses the mark. It moves Gonzaga back, and Dos Santos throws another one, again very close to landing to Gonzaga’s head. They square off again for a brief moment, then Gonzaga throws a kick to Dos Santos body. Gonzaga backs up briefly, and charges forward again, throwing yet another body kick. This time, Dos Santos is ready for him, and he throws a solid left hook that drops Gonzaga to the canvas. Dos Santos immediately pounces, throwing several punches to Gonzaga’s head while he lies on the mat. Gonzaga tries to cover his face to protect himself, but Dos Santos continues reigning down punches, eventually getting through Gonzaga’s guard. Dos Santos lands 4 to 5 more strong punches directly to Gonzaga’s face, then referee Josh Rosenthal jumps in to save Gonzaga from taking any further damage and stops the fight. Junior Dos Santos defeats Gabriel Gonzaga by KO in Round 1. We think Dos Santos is the real deal.

Benson Henderson Beats Frankie Edgar in a Split Decision Match at UFC 150

Benson Henderson retains the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight title as he wins over Frankie Edgar at the UFC 150 via split decision. Henderson captured the split decision over the former champion in the headliner fight at the UFC 150 held at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, USA.

The headliner fight was a split decision; two of the three judges Dave Hagen and Mark Van Tine scored the match 48 – 47 in favor of Henderson, the third judge Tony Weeks gave a 49 – 46 ruling in favor of Edgar.

After the match, Henderson commented: “I was confused.  The scoring on that one was a little weird. I thought 49 -46 but the judge was up close, so is this what it is? You always have to be concerned when it goes to the judges.”

Henderson’s fight plan was clear, he focused on kicks on Edgar’s legs which were effective in the early minutes of the match however, Edgar wised up and countered using his hands. He even managed to plant one on Henderson sending the fighter on the seat of his shorts in the second round. Fans and viewers clearly saw that rounds 1 and 2 were under Henderson’s control; the 5th round was all Edgar’s. On the other hand, round 3 and 4 were more difficult to call since both fighters were very competitive.

Henderson further commented: “Frankie’s tough,” remember that he was able to capture the belt from Edgar at UFC 144. “We all know how tough he is and his team is. They always bring it in rematches. I knew he would be tougher than in the first fight. I had to come in here and lay it on the line!”

Edgar has a few words to Henderson: “It don’t matter. I thought I brought it to him, but congrats to Ben. I’m upset, man. What are you going to do? I did [think I won]. I thought I brought it to him.”

Benson “The Smooth” Henderson is from Glendale, Arizona with 17 wins and 2 losses on his record. This win against Frankie Edgar is his 5th consecutive win with his recent fight also against Frankie Edgar as he captured the lightweight belt at the UFC 144 in February 2012. This match however was a unanimous decision as compared to UFC 150 split controversial decision.

Ex- Strikeforce Champion Sobral Signs up for Season 8 LHW Tournament on Spike TV

Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Renato “Babalu” Sobral signs up with Bellator Fighting Championships on Friday. He will be the prized fighter to be featured in 2013 as a part of Bellator’s next 205 pound tournament.

When Sobral was interviewed for his switch, he exclaimed: “I’m happy to be a part of the Bellator family. This is my new home and I can’t wait to get into the tournament.” He adds: “I am going to take this opportunity and get my shot at the Bellator world title.

Babalu” made his professional Mixed Martial Arts debut in 1997 and he challenged Chuck Liddell for the UFC light heavyweight title in 2006; then he received his release from the UFC the following year. He was unsuccessful to capture a UFC champion belt but he was able to capture gold at UFC rival Strikeforce. He defeated Bobby Southworth in 2008 to officially be called the light heavyweight champ. However, in 2000 he surrendered the belt to Gegard Mousasi. Sobral has won two of his last three matches with his most recent one submitting former Dream grand prix finalist fighter Tatsuya Mizuno; this fight was so impressive it just took Sobral 31 seconds in the fight to defeat Mizuno with an armbar. This was at the One Fighting Championship 4 in June 23.

Renato “Babalu” Sobral is 37 years old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has a very impressive fight card of 37 wins and 9 losses. He wins mostly from submissions and with a few technical knockouts and knockouts to his name.

Bellator Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney comments on Sobral: “Babalu is an awesome addition to the Bellator family. He has beaten some of the greatest fighters in the sport and poses a tremendous threat to every fighter in our light heavyweight division. From a fan’s perspective, he’s incredibly exciting to watch and I’m expecting big things from Babalu in January on Spike.”

Summer is almost over and so is Bellator’s 2012 Summer Series. The third and final event of the season will take place on August 24; it will be a match to crown the next challenger for the reigning light heavyweight king Christian M’Pumbu as finalists Attila Vegh and Travis Wiuff fight. Bellator is seen on MTV2 and on 2013; it will broadcast live on Spike TV.