MMA News: EliteXC And PFC Interested In Kimbo vs. Tank

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Just as news of the recent cancellation of CFFC 6 broke, other promotions are already trying to bid on the fight. According to The Wrestling Observer, their are three parties making offers with the fighters. One being EliteXC which has a show November 10 on Showtime. Another is Palace Fighting Championships who wants to have the fight on its October 18th show in Lemoore, CA. And finally an unnamed show is reported to already have secured an agreement with Kimbo, but still needs Tank Abbott to sigh on.

Attempts to save the Tank Abbott vs. Kimbo Slice fight that was scheduled for 10/12 in Atlantic City, which fell apart yesterday when an investor pulled out, are ongoing.

Three different promotions have put in bids to save the freak show like fight. According to sources close to the negotiations, one group, which wasn’t named, seems to have a leg up on securing the fight within the next two weeks. Slice has already verbally agreed and it’s up to Abbott to agree.

CFFC 6 Officially Canceled

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After days in limbo, its officially canceled, Cage Fighting Fury Championships president Felix Martinez had this to say on CFFC website:

It is with deep regret that I have to announce the cancellation of Cage Fury’s October 12th event. I did everything in my power to make this show happen for the fighters and the fans. However, I could not overcome the loss of a major investor for this show who decided to pull out at the last moment. With the loss of this investor, I cannot proceed with another first class event. It has always been my intention to provide the best combative sport entertainment that I could. I am very sorry for having to cancel this event and sincerely apologize to all the fighters, the fans, and our dedicated staff.

Felix Martinez, President, Cage Fury Fighting Championships

Sadly we may never see Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott.

CFFC 6 Rumor: Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott Cancelled

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Reports have been all over the UG Forums, that CFFC 6 has been cancelled or just the fight between Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott has been cancelled. No reason is yet known. Fighters on the card are confused and we will be trying to verify the news as soon as possible.

UPDATE – according to FiveOuncesOfPain – the fight is still on, but their are issues with PPV.

According to Nick Lembo, the counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, the card has not been canceled. Lembo indicated he had spoken with CFFC promoter Felix Martinez in the last 24 hours upon hearing some of the rumors. He indicated that Martinez said the show was still on but there are some issues pertaining to the pay-per-view provider. Apparently a deal between CFFC and the initial PPV production company it chose to televise the event is no longer in place.

I also contacted Bas Rutten for comment in regard to the fight since he trained Slice for his MMA debut against pro boxer Ray Mercer as well as prepping him for the upcoming fight against Abbott. According to Rutten, the fight is still on to his knowledge because Slice has been training with him every day in preparation for Abbott and has made no mention of the fight being canceled.

UPDATE – The fight is still on, but CFFC has lost its deal with InDEMAND PPV, they are currently negotiating a deal to have the event broadcast live via the Internet. No other details are known

Here’s a quote from CFFC promoter Felix Martinez:

“It’s expensive to be on pay-per-view; it’s going to cut cost,” Martinez said. “I got so many complaints about pay-per-view. A lot more fans will get to see it live now.”