Before The Glory: Frank Shamrock vs. Dan Henderson

A look back at a classic grappling match between MMA legends Frank Shamrock and Dan Henderson at “The Contenders” international wrestling.

The videos also features a look back into each fighters training during the late 90′s. Shamrock had just built a lifetime worth of MMA experience in Japan and was now trying to make it in the US.

Dan Henderson was in his wrestling prime, just coming of his Olympic wrestling career. Henderson had little to no MMA experience and looked like a wrestler out of his element as he took on the experienced submission artist.

Video: Takanori Gomi vs Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett

PRIDE lightweight Takanori Gomi takes on Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett at Pride Bushido 5.

Bennett was bragging on BET’s Iron Ring show, saying that he doesnt even go into the gym and train for his fights.

I believe him, he sucks. The guy has ridiculuos natural talent, but just can’t stay out of jail long enough to get a ground game. Imagine the value a well trained, showman like KH could be for any promotion.

HT: Ultimate MMA Videos

Video: Anderson Silva’s DQ Loss To Yushin Okami (2006)

With an inevitable rematch between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami looming. Here is the video of their first fight at Rumble on The Rock 8 in 2006. Silva was disqualified when he caught Okami with an illegal kick. The UFC has signed the last two fighters that have defeated Anderson Silva, Yushin Okami and Ryo Chonan. The second video is a highlight showing the amazing flying knee heal hook Ryo Chonan defeated Anderson Silva with at Pride Shockwave 2004.

Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami

Anderson Silva vs. Ryo Chonan