BCX V: Results

Battle Cage Xtreme

Here’s just a quick rundown of the results of BCX V at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

- Joe Abouata def. Carlton Haselrig via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Rd 2 and wins the USKBA/BCX Title
- Justin Haskins def. Judah Ciervo via TKO (Strikes) Rd 1 and retains the BCX Title
- Jon Jones def. Moyses Gabin via TKO (Strikes) R1 and retains the USKBA Title
- Tim Troxell def. Lester Caslow via Submission (Armbar) Rd 1 and retains USKBA Title
- Pat Audinwood vs. Andrew Montanez = Majority Draw; Audinwood retains the BCX Title
- Jose Figueroa def. Josh Keys via Submission (Tap due to strikes) R2
- Dwayne Shelton def. Kevin Roddy via Split Decision
- Mike Medrano def. Levon Maynard via Unanimous Decision
- Jacob Kirwan def. Daniel Tavares via Submission (Guillotine) R3
- Don Wagner def. Chris Volo via TKO R1
- Carlos Eduardo def. Ryan Contaldi via Submission (Armbar) R1
- Shawn Foreman def. Dan Baker via TKO R1
- Joey Camacho def. Micah Goss via TKO R1
- Hercules Benjamin def. Paul White via TKO R1
- Joey Brown vs. Fernando Bernandino = Unanimous Draw

So, there you have it. I’ll have more on the fights as well as other comments later on.


Battle Cage Xtreme

This weekend, MMA will take center ring on the East Coast with the occasion of Battle Cage Xtreme V. The evening will take place at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Set to be aired on HDNet as well as streamed live, this is one of the area’s biggest local events of the year.

Below is a Press Release published on July 8, 2008, to promote Battle Cage Xtreme V:

ATLANTIC CITY– Excitement over Battle Cage Xtreme V continues to grow as July 12th gets closer. The card is set, the fighters are ready, the BCX girls are hot as ever and the list of celebrity guests continues to grow because everyone wants to be there.

In addition to the nearly sold out show Saturday the 12th TSEG Promotions has announced that the weigh-ins for the fight will be held at on the boardwalk at Corky’s BBQ & Ribs at the Tropicana on Friday July 11th. at 3pm. Fans and press can meet and interview the fighters and cage girls. There will be a DJ, giveaways, special guests and some great southern food.

Topping an action packed card is the main event with 6 time NCAA title holder and NFL Pro Bowler Carlton Haselrig returning to Battle Cage Xtreme to defend his title won at BCX IV in April. Since his last appearance at BCX he has added a win against Carlos Moreno to remain undefeated. At BCX V he faces his toughest opponent yet in Joe “Apocalypse” Abouata. Also returning to defend titles won at BCX IV are Tim Troxell and Pat Audinwood. Justin Haskins, Jon Jones and Josh Keys are returning after wins at BCX IV to pursue titles. With a total of six title fights on the card along with nine undercard fights this promises to be a great night of Pro MMA cage fighting BCX fans have come to expect. The card is subject to change.

As it stands, this is the latest complete fight card:

- Carlton Haselrig vs. Joe Abouata [USKBA/BCX Title] 265 lbs
- Justin Haskins vs. Judah Ciervo [BCX Title] 170 lbs
- Jon Jones vs. Moyses Gabin [USKBA Title] 205 lbs
- Tim Troxell vs. Lester Caslow [USKBA Title] 145 lbs
- Pat Audinwood vs. Andrew Montanez [BCX Title] 155 lbs
- Josh Keys vs. Jose Figueroa 155 lbs
- Dwayne Shelton vs. Kevin Roddy 145 lbs
- Levon Maynard vs. Mike Medrano 170 lbs
- Jacob Kirwan vs. Daniel Tavares 155 lbs
- Chris Volo vs. Don Wagner 205 lbs
- Dan Baker vs. Shawn Foreman 170 lbs
- Carlos Eduardo vs. Ryan Contaldi 205 lbs
- Joey Camacho vs. Micah Goss 145 lbs
- Hercules Benjamin vs. Paul White 265 lbs
- Joey Brown vs. Fernando Bernandino 155 lbs

Though most of these guys are virtual unknowns in mainstream MMA, I am definitely looking forward to seeing a lot of the local talent. Being a born-and-raised Jersey girl, I get a little extra kick out of seeing other east coasters in the ring. But in particular, I expect to see some good fights out of the top of the card. I liked what I saw from Carlton Haselrig at Elite XC’s Primetime event, so I hope to see a repeat performance. But of course, Joe Abouata will give him a run for his money (although he hasn’t yet fought in 2008, and his last fight was a loss). Likewise, coming off a great win in BCX IV is Justin Haskins, facing another BCX IV victor, Judah Ciervo. And rounding out the top 3 fights is a hot 4-0 Jon Jones who will attempt to defend his streak against Moyses Gabin (coming off a submission loss only 2 months ago).

All in all, it’s looking to be an interesting night of fights. It’s in illustrious Atlantic City and at least for this event, I don’t have to listen to Mike Goldberg stumbling over his words!