Carlos Condit Looking To Wait For GSP

Carlos Condit has waited a longtime for his title shot against GSP. The interim welterweight champion talks about wanting to wait for that shot, even if it means he will have a long layoff from the cage.

“Fighting Georges could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so most likely I’ll be waiting for Georges to heal up. From all reports he’s ahead of schedule and if he’s looking to come back in September to November, I’m willing to wait”

If he does end up waiting, that would defeat the purpose of the interim title and the UFC welterweight division would essentially be at a stand still for what could be 10-11 more months. And with the UFC pumping out shows left and right in this new FOX deal, that would definitely put a strain on headliners.


  1. PU$$Y!!!

  2. I dont realy like GSP but he is a great fighter. I hope he runs down the great marathon runner,Condit,and knocks his ass out! I'm ready to see GSP vs Diaz

  3. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Hmmmm Seems condit wants to make a big payday by waiting for the paper champion gsp. I guess thats his GAME PLAN. Condit is not hurt but wait he will probably get hurt while sparring maybe his ACL. What a joke the guy ran for 5 rounds now he wants to wait for gsp. Is this the same guy that was willing to step aside and let diaz fight gsp? What a joke this guy is. Me personally i want Diaz/ Condit rematch while the paper champion recoups from his little ouch.

  4. I really dont understand all the Condit bashing?? He is the most exciting fighter in the division who has fought and beaten the best the division has to offer. Which is more than can be said for Diaz. There is a big difference between running and clever footwork. He out struck Diaz and played a smart game. If you want to beat Diaz you have to move, simple. Why should he stand there and let him hit him??? would you??. And as for the big payday, why the fuck shouldnt he wait for it?? look at his record, look how many top notch competitors he has been up against. He deserves the payday, especially over Diaz (who I am a big fan of). To call him a marathon runner is retarded and shows you know nothing of Carlos or the fight game.

    • He was one of the most exciting fighters in the division. Till his gameplan to run away from Diaz.

      The big difference between running and clever footwork? Frankie Edgar has the best footwork in the UFC but I've never seen him turn his back and run away from anyone. I thought Condit was the same type of fighter till that fight. He never ran from anyone before.

      It was a good gameplan but a good gameplan would also be to hit a few leg strikes and get a takedown. Who the hell would want to see that.

      • MikeyCC says:

        Condit is fun to watch he was just way too cautious in his fight with Diaz. I'm starting to get sick of Greg Jackson game plans.

    • MikeyCC says:

      I think Dana should offer a big payday for him to fight Ellenberger and call it the REAL title, not some stupid interim title. I wouldn't want to pass up a shot at being the undisputed champ either.

  5. technix says:

    Yesterday was Carlos Condit day in Albuquerque. I celebrated with a nice RUN!

  6. MikeyCC says:

    Personally I would like to see Condit fight Ellenburger in June…then the winner of that fight going at GSP in October/November. But I get it. He's got a family and future to think about. Dana needs to sweeten the deal with a big payday if he takes a fight with Ellenburger.

  7. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Nobody is bashing Condit it just seems he took the "F" out of UFC

  8. technix says:

    How about this. The UFC should have a policy that if you're the champ and don't defend your title in 8 months. Injury or whatever. You should have to vacate the title.

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