Cage Rage 25: Ken Shamrock vs. Robert Berry

ken shamrock and ryan shamrock elitexc

CageRage today announced the return of Ken Shamrock at Cage Rage 25 “Bring It On” on March 8. The UFC veteran will face Robert “Buzz” Berry for his first fight on his freshly inked EliteXC contract. Here is the clip:

Cage Rage is pleased to announce that mixed martial arts legend Ken Shamrock will be fighting Robert “ Buzz” Berryat Cage Rage 25 – Bring it on! From a young age Ken proved to be a tough competitor in all forms of combat sports and at the age of 19 Ken won his first Toughman competition by knocking out his first two opponents with the third pulling out claiming injury. Shamrock spent many years competing in wrestling until one day in 1993 he stumbled across an advert in a popular American martial arts magazine calling for experts in martial arts to compete in a no holds barred bare knuckle tournament . From there the legend of Ken Shamrock was born, Ken went on to compete many times over the years and has a Sherdog record 26-12-2. Ken has headlined many fighting events all over the World and now he will be making his first visit to London’s famous Wembley Arena where he look to excite an expectant crowd.


  1. i hope ken win

  2. yeah i don't want to keep watching him get knocked out

  3. yeah, watching the most dangerous man get knocked out depresses me. ken used to be such a scary man. if i were a MMA fighter, i would fear two fighters — a ken shamrock in his prime and wandy silva.

  4. dane drebin says:

    who is the robert guy anyway… nyone know his record? who he's faught? what kinda fighter he is?

  5. Yeah I'm rooting for Ken too

  6. I have always been a huge shamrock fan so i would like to see him winning again

  7. dane, Robert berry has a record of 11-7-0, his stats put him at 6'3 and 250Ibs. He's lost to Dan Severn and Colin Robinson witch are the only people of any noteriety he's fought to date. There's a height difference, but I think Ken stands a pretty good chance of submitting him or knocking him out.

  8. dane drebin says:

    thanks patrick i hope ken wins!

  9. dean machine says:

    robert berrys only major win was against so called pride veteran henry 'sentoryu' miller who is not exactly a top fighter

  10. Jun Da Silva says:

    This will be a good fight Ken is in top shape and he's a great fighter with big cojones. Ken, win or lose will always be a legend in my book. I'll be cheering for Ken to whip some ass.

  11. ken shamrock is going to lose by ko

  12. Ken is beyonf his prime but is still a good fighter. I don't know much about his opponent, but I hope ken wins.

  13. mr kno it all says:

    ken just lost by k.o in the first round

  14. I was there last night and Ken was a disgrace to his fans. he should have saved himself the trouble of coming to london by asking his housemaid to hit him and knockhim out. appauling stuff from someone i thought better of.

  15. Matt Deezy says:

    Did anyone else see that phantom punch that Buzz Berry knocked Ken Shamrock with Sat. night? It was an absolute disgrace to the fight and I knew he was only about the money after the 3rd fight with Tito Ortiz in Hollywood, Fl. when Tito was flipping him the bird and Ken said into the microphone "Hey Tito man let's bury this we both made a lot of money together." He was a pioneer and a decent fighter in his prime but is now cashing in on his name alone and it pisses me off how he's going about doing it with these high priced fights bc of his name and then giving no effort, falling down to phantom punches, then prolly heading straight to the bar! He needs to retire and never be allowed in the octagon again. This is a real sport and up and coming sport and he's giving it a bad name and people will begin to think it's fake and compare it to W.W.E. Wrestling if he continues this shit!

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