Busted In Birmingham, Tim Sylvia Gets KOed By Ray Mercer In 9 Sec.

Tim Sylvia

In a shocking upset, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia get knocked out by 48 year old boxer Ray Mercer in 9 seconds of round number 1 at Adrenaline 3 “Bragging Rights”, according to Sherdog.

The bout was originally scheduled to be a boxing match, but was switched at the last second to avoid legal issues with boxing in a cage.

Ray Mercer:

“Everything was against me …. I whooped that ass.”

Mercer goes 1-0 in MMA, his debut mixed martial arts fight, was a first round loss to Kimbo Slice in a exhibition fight back in 2007.

This fight might set back big Tim’s plans of using this fight as a spring board him into a boxing career.


  1. WTF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Tim is Done OMG hahaha KImbo beat this Guy hahaha

  2. WOW Mercer had some power ha..Poor Tim that big bitch..

  3. Lightweights Cameron Dollar and Jason Dent to meet at TUF 9 Finale

    Dent all the way

  4. Ever heard of a photo bomber? Tom is a thread bomber.

  5. cameron dollar?? he got eliminated by andre winner.

  6. derek@ Pearson beat Dent too. cameron v dent is on the card (not the final though).

  7. ha no shit ha

    who all thinks ross is going to win??and what if frank wins his fights ha that would be tight because it would be a tie ha

  8. I dont see Wilks getting beat by Frank. He's beat him once im sure he'll do it again.

  9. I think James might look Past Frank???and they keep saying on the Next Espiod thing, it says Something about Frank being the Come back kid.. I hope james kill him Again, James vs Demarkis would be a good fight

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