Brock Lesnar’s Is Back, Wants Another Run In The UFC

A successful surgery to remove part of his colon after a couple serious bouts with diverticulitis. Brock Lesnar is back chomping down on beef jerky and disintegrating small animals. The Fusion Ammunition spokesman talks about wanting to get back into the UFC and making another run at the title.


  1. So, was that a Brock Lesnar interview or a commercial for Fusion Ammunition? I should have known exactly what to expect after reading the title of this "article". I will say that it takes a bad mofo to hip-fire a Barrett though.

    • Anonymous says:

      if he's 100 percent he needs to schedule a fight and get back in the gym.

      • Good point Corey, this paragraph would lead one to believe that Lesnar was at some point let go from the UFC, which I can't imagine that would be true. Knowing Dana, he and Zuffa will draw out Brock's return and make a huge publicity fiasco over it to sell some seats and PPVs.

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