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Brock Lesnar MMA NFL WWEFor those of you, like me, who used to watch the WWE and Brock Lesnar, you know how much of a monster this guy is. He left there to join the Minnesota Vikings as a back-up linebacker. Within the last year he gave that up and went on to mixed martial arts which is more dedicated to his wrestling background, as a Heavyweight Collegiate Champion for the University of Minnesota.

He is currently signed on to K-1/Hero’s as of April of last year, but has not competed as a MMA fighter yet. The recent news is that Royce Gracie has seen his potential and is currently training Brock in MMA. The question is not weather he can be physically dominant, but weather he can gain the experience and mental discipline that it takes to be the best in this sport. I think only time will tell on this one. Brock Lesnar is scheduled to fight in a K-1/Hero’s Las Vegas show on May 19th according to WrestlingInc.


  1. They guy is a beast, but lets see if he can take a punch.

  2. Snuffle says:

    Look at his face, what a joke.

  3. NITIN KUMAR says:

    I love BROCK LERNER as a WWE Wrestler.We Indians are fan of him.We & especially me want to see him & love his updated news.I think K1 news update is best site.For me BROCK LESNER is an idol of life.

  4. If Brock really whats to stand out he sould fight KIMBO SLICE and knock his ass out!!!!!!!!!!!! THE word his the next big thing…..Kimbo that is.

  5. roland says:

    maybe he is just over rated mma figther, i dont think

    he has enough skills to beat the best like brandon vera

    says that now mma fighters should learn different techniques and must be versatile enough to be the best.

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