Brock Lesnar Lands The Cover Of UFC Video Game, Undisputed 2010

After a roller coaster year, Brock Lesnar returns as cover boy of UFC Undisputed 2010 video game set for release on May 25th. Brock is expected to return to fighting in June.


  1. First forest now brock pfffffffffffffff :S where's anderson silva ?

  2. They don't want to put him on there because he is scared to fight Vitor Belfort

  3. fck you john

    Bj or Anderson would be great

  4. Muay Thai says:

    Can't wait till Silva fights Vitor so everyone can realize what a joke it was putting Vitor up against Silva. Silva is better than Vitor at every aspect of the fight game.

  5. Have to say there are many many fighters much more deserving of this cover BJ Penn, GSP, Silva I can go on but I would name half the UFC's roster. Lesner is a talented athlete but he has 5 fights. He's a big name I'm sure my son will see th cover and want me to buy the game and that is why they did it. Can't blame the UFC for marketing but I do still think others are more deserving.

  6. Muay Thai I will hold you to that one! We'll see. You might be surprised. Don't count Vitor out! You can talk all the shit you want right now,but when the time comes you probaly will see a new champ. I hope I'm not wrong!

  7. whoaaaa lets back up here, ya there are a lot of big names out there but lets talk legends here folks, chuck liddell randy couture, shit if they were smart put guys like severn in there as unlockable characters. but lesnar will sell bottom line thats why hes there. if you look at all the title holders silvas ppv numbers are the worst by ALOT, its over in a minute or a stinker personally in that class unless its against nate or belfort its likely not even worth watching. I want to see him go to 205 better fights there for him.

  8. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    "First forest now brock pfffffffffffffff :S where’s anderson silva ?"

    That's what I'm sying and are you on crack John? Anderson scared of Vitor! LMAO. Do you not know who both of these men are? If anything Vitor should be the one who's scared.

  9. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Also agree with ya Steveo. Silva would be a huge draw if they put him on better stacked cards against more deserving fighters and he'll only get that at 205 after Vitor. Fight the winner of Nate/Chael doesn't interest many. He needs to quit fucking around at 185 and go for the 205 belt already. Lets see what numbers that would draw. Bet it would outdraw most.

  10. I agree with you Oswald but will he fight Machida? or do we eventually have the 2 best fighters in the division refusing to fight each other?

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